NIMS strives to be a leading research institute for materials science across the world, and we are searching for people to work with.

Materials change the world, we make the materials.
We are looking for researchers who aspire to become world leaders in materials research, ambitious engineers who are willing to take on the challenge of developing cutting-edge technologies as well as enthusiastic administrators who will support them and engage in the management of NIMS as professionals.

Permanent Employee

Of the permanent staff, research positions and engineer positions are usually advertised in March-May and September-October, and administrative positions are advertised in March to June. Please refer to the page dedicated to each position for details as the contents differ depending on the position.

Moreover, please refer to the "Special Open Call (permanent position equivalent to group leader)" position, which is open all year.

Recruit Information of Permanent Employee

Fixed Term Employee

Recruitment of Fixed-term employees such as Researchers, Engineers, Technical Staffs and Administrative Staffs are open as needed. Details vary depending on the job type. Please check the page of each job type for details.

ICYS Research Fellow (Fixed Term)

One of the prominent features of International Center for Young Scientists (ICYS) is to offer young researchers, as ICYS Research Fellows, opportunity to conduct an independent and self-directed research in various fields of materials science with full access to NIMS advanced research facilities. The initial contract term is 3 years, renewed up tp 5 years based on annual evaluation. *If the applicant is already in NIMS as a non-permanent researcher(Post doc et al.), the max contract term depends on work experience at NIMS. A research grant of 2 million JPY per year will be provided to each ICYS Research Fellow. Advice from mentors and full clerical support are also given to each ICYS Research Fellow so that the Fellows can concentrate on their research. Furthermore, advantage is given when applying to NIMS permanent researcher position and about 50% of the applicants are accepted. The recruitment for ICYS Research Fellows is twice a year in August and September, and in February and March.

Special Open Call (permanent position equivalent to group leader)

NIMS is pleased to announce an international open call for the recruitment of extremely talented researchers who can promote research in Materials Science, to further strengthen the research at NIMS as a specific National Research and Development Agency. The successful candidate will be required to lead a new independent research group.

[Special Open Call G22-01] Leaders Promoting Research in Materials Science

The successful candidate will receive full support for prompt start-up of research activities through preferential measures such as (1) allocation of start-up funds of 30 million yen in the first year, (2) assignment of one permanent staff member at the beginning, and (3) priority allocation of laboratory space.

The appeal of working at NIMS

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Permanent Employee

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Fixed Term Employee

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