2024.07.01 Update

Organization Chart

Research Organization

Research Center for Energy and Environmental Materials (GREEN)

  • Administrative Office
Battery and Cell Materials Field
  • Solid-State Battery Group
  • Battery Interface Control Group
  • Battery Materials Analysis Group
  • Photovoltaic Materials Group
  • Interface Electrochemistry Group
  • Rechargeable Battery Materials Group
  • Solid State Battery Ionics Group
  • Environment-Controlled Microscopy Group
  • Automated Electrochemical Experiments Team
  • Functional Electrolyte Synthesis Team
Hydrogen Technology Materials Field
  • Magnetic Refrigeration System Group
  • Superconducting System Group
  • Hydrogen Related Materials Group
  • Hydrogen Production Catalyst Materials Group
  • Advanced Superconducting Wire Group
  • Hydrogen Ion Materials Group
  • Electrochemical Energy Conversion Team
  • Battery Research Platform
  • Center for Advanced Battery Collaboration
    • Administrative Office
    • Advanced LIB Team
    • Lithium Air Team
    • All Solid State Team
    • Elements Strategy Team
    • Protocol Development Team
    • Database Team
    • Automated Robotic Experiments Team
    • Computational Science Team
    • Advanced Characterization Team

Research Center for Electronic and Optical Materials

  • Administrative Office
Functional Materials Field
  • Ultra-wide Bandgap Semiconductors Group
  • Next-generation Semiconductor Group
  • Environmental Circulation Composite Materials Group
  • Nano Electronics Device Materials Group
  • Electro-ceramics Group
  • Amorphous Material Group
Optical Materials Field
  • Optical Single Crystals Group
  • Optical Ceramics Group
  • Advanced Phosphor Group
  • Semiconductor Epitaxial Structures Group
  • Quantum Photonics Group
  • Nanophotonics Group
  • Semiconductor Defect Design Group
  • Polycrystalline Optical Material Group

Research Center for Magnetic and Spintronic Materials

  • Administrative Office
  • Magnetic Functional Device Group
  • Magnetic Recording Materials Group
  • Spintronics Group
  • Spin Physics Group
  • Spin Caloritronics Group
  • Nanostructure Analysis Group
  • Spin Theory Group
  • Green Magnetic Materials Group
  • Digital Transformation Initiative Center for Magnetic Materials
    • Planning Office
    • Materials Processing Group
    • Materials Characterization Group
    • Computational Materials Science Group
    • Data-driven Materials Design Group

Research Center for Structural Materials (RCSM)

  • Administrative Office
Materials Manufacturing Field
  • Polymer Matrix Composites Group
  • Ceramic Matrix Composites Group
  • Light-weight Metallic Materials Group
  • High Temperature Materials Group
  • Additive Manufacturing Group
  • Anisotropic Materials Group
  • Corrosion and Protection Group
  • Thermomechanical Processing Group
  • High-Reliability Heat-Resistant Materials Group
Materials Evaluation Field
  • Creep Property Group
  • Fatigue Property Group
  • Cryogenic Fatigue Group
  • Steel Research Group
  • Corrosion Research Group
  • Welding and Joining Technology Group
  • Mechanical Properties Group
  • Microstructure Analysis Group
  • Computational Structural Materials Group
  • Structural Thermodynamics Group

Research Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA)

  • Administrative Office
Quantum Materials Field
  • Frontier Superconducting Materials Group
  • Quantum Solid State Materials Group
  • Quantum Device Engineering Group
  • 2D Quantum Materials Group
  • Surface Quantum Phase Materials Group
  • Quantum Material Properties Group
  • Quantum Materials Modeling Group
  • Quantum Materials Simulation Group
  • Nanostructured Semiconducting Materials Group
  • Photonics Nano Engineering Group
  • Thin Film Electronics Group
  • Qubit Materials Group
  • Ionic Devices Group
  • Neuromorphic Devices Group
  • Smart Interface Team
Nanomaterials Field
  • Soft Chemistry Group
  • Functional Nanomaterials Group
  • Layered Nanochemistry Group
  • Frontier Molecules Group
  • Thermal Energy Materials Group
  • Functional Chromophores Group
  • Supermolecules Group
  • Nanoparticle Group
  • High-Pressure Structural Controls Group
  • ElectroActive Materials Team
  • Optical Nanostructure Team

Research Center for Macromolecules and Biomaterials

  • Administrative Office
Biomaterials Field
  • Mechanobiology Group
  • Medical Soft Matter Group
  • Polymeric Biomaterials Group
  • Bioceramics Group
  • Tissue Regeneration Materials Group
  • Smart Polymers Group
  • Olfactory Sensors Group
  • Electrochemical Nano-Bio Group
Macromolecules Field
  • Molecular Design and Function Group
  • Electronic Functional Macromolecules Group
  • Molecular Mechatronics Group
  • Printed Electronics Group
  • Electrochemical Sensors Group
  • Data-driven Polymer Design Group
  • Supramolecule/Polymer Materials Team
  • Polymer Process Technology Team
  • Polymer Surfaces and Devices Team

Center for Basic Research on Materials (CBRM)

  • Administrative Office
Advanced Materials Characterization Field
  • Electron Microscopy Group
  • In-situ Electron Microscopy Technique Group
  • Nanoprobe Group
  • Solid-State NMR Group
  • Photoemission Spectroscopy Group
  • High Magnetic Field Physics Group
  • Quantum Beam Diffraction Group
  • Synchrotron Radiation Imaging Team
Data-driven Materials Research Field
  • Data-driven Inorganic Materials Group
  • Data-driven Materials Design Group
  • Materials Modeling Group
  • Computational Materials Science Group
  • Data-driven Algorithm Team

Research Network and Facility Services Division (RNFS)

Materials Fabrication and Analysis Platform
  • Administrative Office
  • Electron Microscopy Unit
  • Surface and Bulk Analysis Unit
  • High Magnetic Field Characterization Unit
  • Bioanalysis Unit
  • Nanofabrication Unit
  • Materials Forming Unit
  • Materials Melting and Manufacturing Unit
Materials Data Platform
  • Administrative Office
  • Data Application Unit
  • Data Infrastructure Unit
  • Data Collection Unit
  • Numerical Materials Simulator Unit
  • Creep Data Unit
  • Extreme Environment Material Data Unit
Data Transformation Initiative Subcommittee Administrative Office
Central Hub of Advanced Research Infrastructure for Materials and Nanotechnology
  • Coordination Office of Central Hub
  • Promotion Office of Data Sharing
  • Promotion Office of a Key Technology Domain

Administration Organization

  • Corporate Planning Office
  • Audit Office
  • Compliance Office
  • Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program Office
External Collaboration Division
  • Intellectual Property Office
  • Industrial Collaboration Office
Division of International Collaborations and Public Relations
Human Resources Division
  • Human Resources Development Office
  • Personnel Office
Administration and Safety Management Division
  • General Affairs Office
  • Facilities Planning and Management Office
  • Safety Management Office
Finance Division
  • Accounting Office
  • Procurement Office
  • Competitive Funds Administration Office
Information Infrastructure Management Division
  • ICT Promotion and Infrastructure Office
  • Information Security Office