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2018.11.19 Update Press Release

Discovery of Topological LC Circuits Transporting EM Waves without Backscattering

— Honeycomb structure is the key, may open a new door towards miniaturization of microwave devices, including mobile phones—
2018.10.30 Update Press Release

Development of MEMS Sensor Chip Equipped with Ultra-high Quality Diamond Cantilevers

—Progress in the Development of Highly Reliable and Sensitive Diamond MEMS Sensors—
2018.10.22 Update Press Release

World's first success in analyzing 3D neutron polarization under high pressure

—Completely Nonmagnetic High-Pressure Cell Enables Determination of Spin Arrangements under High Pressure—
2018.10.09 Update Press Release

Interfacial Electronic State Improving Hydrogen Storage Capacity in Pd-MOF Materials

—Discovery that the transfer of a charge equivalent to 0.4 electrons contributes to doubled hydrogen storage may expedite the development of new hybrid materials—
2018.09.25 Update Press Release

AI Capable of Outlining in a Single Chart Information from Thousands of Scientific Papers

—Computer-Aided Material Design System Expedites Material Design by Automatically Extracting Process-Structure-Property Relationships—
2018.09.08 Update Press Release

Invention of Ionic Decision-maker Capable of Self-Learning

—The Technology, Applicable to the Development of Novel AI Systems, Substitutes Ionic/Molecular Concentrations for Computer Processors and Memory—
2018.08.10 Update Press Release

Microscopic Oxygen Reduction Mechanism of Carbon Electrocatalysts with Addition of Trace Nitrogen

—Step toward Understanding the Microscopic Mechanisms of Oxygen Activation by Non-Platinum Group Electrocatalysts—
2018.07.20 Update Press Release