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2018.09.25 Update Press Release

AI Capable of Outlining in a Single Chart Information from Thousands of Scientific Papers

—Computer-Aided Material Design System Expedites Material Design by Automatically Extracting Process-Structure-Property Relationships—
2018.09.08 Update Press Release

Invention of Ionic Decision-maker Capable of Self-Learning

—The Technology, Applicable to the Development of Novel AI Systems, Substitutes Ionic/Molecular Concentrations for Computer Processors and Memory—
2018.08.10 Update Press Release

Microscopic Oxygen Reduction Mechanism of Carbon Electrocatalysts with Addition of Trace Nitrogen

—Step toward Understanding the Microscopic Mechanisms of Oxygen Activation by Non-Platinum Group Electrocatalysts—
2018.07.20 Update Press Release
2018.05.23 Update Press Release

(Retracted) Superconducting Solder Joint for Rare Earth Oxide Superconducting Wires

—The New Technique May Expedite the Development of Powerful Electromagnets Operated in Persistent Current Mode—
2018.05.22 Update Press Release

Observation of the anisotropic magneto-Peltier effect: Temperature of Magnetic Materials Can be Manipulated through Simple Redirection of Charge Current

—Novel Heating/Cooling Function Demonstrated Using a Single Magnetic Material without Junction Structure—

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