Welfare Benefits Information

A worthy environment in which to do your life’s work.

The Mutual Aid Association system

This system, part of the social insurance system, exists to contribute to the stability and improved welfare of its members and their families through mutual aid, as well as to help them efficiently carry out their duties.

  • Membership in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Mutual Aid Association
  • Good medical cover by the association (payments for medical expenses exceeding 25,000 yen per person per month at a single hospital/pharmacy, etc.) as well as various other benefits such as childbirth benefit
  • Access to welfare services via Benefit Station is available (leisure assistance, relaxation & beauty assistance, restaurant finder, discount movie tickets, travel & accommodation assistance, shopping assistance, lifestyle consultation services, fitness club assistance, etc.)

Welfare facilities

Cafeteria, shop
Auditorium (table tennis, badminton, etc.), soccer field,baseball ground, tennis courts


  • Rental of outdoor equipment available
  • Assistance for using nearby childcare facilities