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What is NIMS?

What is NIMS?

NIMS stands for National Institute for Materials Science. As this name suggests, we carry out research and development related to materials and substances—as the only public institute in Japan working in this field.
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Latest research videos
The Power of NIMS

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Latest videos

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"A Message to Future Scientists"

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Latest videos

To Future Scientists #17 "Curie Engine"

In our full video library also check out videos like "Amazing Experiments", which reveal some of the fascinating properties of materials:

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We publish a magazine that illustrates what is going on ‘now’ at NIMS

NIMS NOW International

In a colorful format, NIMS NOW International brings you noteworthy research results along with information about our future research direction, interviews with NIMS researchers and special outside guests, and details of our collaborations with external institutions. All of this can help you understand what is happening ‘now’ at NIMS.

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