Use of Facilities and Data

Accelerating research by sharing NIMS facilities, equipment, and data services

NIMS is committed to advanced materials research by providing access to a broad spectrum of research facilities from general-purpose use to sophisticated large-scale facilities invloving our material data service systems for the digital revolution in materials research. These NIMS facilities are opened not only for in-house users but for academic or industrial users outside NIMS.

Accessing NIMS shared equipments and data services

Please see below for how to use NIMS' shared facilities, equipment, and data services

Facility Management and Operations

Research Network and Facility Services Division (RNFS)

RNFS provides the special research environment for materials research. With access to the advanced equipment, large-scale facilities, and rich data services, our technical staffs support your research and developments toward the digital transformation of materials science. We welcome inquiries about these services.

Research Center for Energy and Environmental Materials(GREEN)**

GREEN focuses on developing and understanding materials that are critical to maximizing renewable energy usage, such as materials for batteries and use of hydrogen fuel. Home of our Battery Research Platform, GREEN plays a vital role in enhancing research and development outcomes, working closely with a network of researchers across Japan on various national projects related to battery technology.