What attracts you to NIMS

2023.05.25 Update

NIMS provides an excellent research environment and programs to support researchers in fully demonstrating their research abilities.
This page provides an introduction to the NIMS research environment and supporting information. If you wish to work at NIMS, please take a look.

※The information considered when hiring a researcher with permanent employment.
※As of April 2023

Key Features of NIMS

  • NIMS is a national institute specializing in materials science and one of the worlds’ largest institutions in this field.
  • NIMS is one of the only three designated National Research and Development Institutes in Japan.
  • NIMS is one of the top organizations in Japan in terms of revenue from patent rights, and the revenue per researcher is the highest in Japan.
  • NIMS provides exposure to your abilities depending on your research motivation and achievements.

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Research Environment


Newly employed researchers will be provided start-up funds of up to 10 million JPY to build their research environment.


While you can concentrate on your research without the burden of teaching classes and other educational activities, those who wish can accept students by becoming professors or associate professors at the Joint Graduate School Program (screening is required). Additionally, there are many collaborative options with universities.

Research Funds

NIMS provides basic research funds, and various NIMS internal competitive funds can also be claimed. Anyone with strong motivation can accept more challenges as well.

Research Facilities and Data Systems

Researchers have extensive access to state-of-the-art equipment and state-of-the-art facilities. We also have a data system for the research DX.
Advanced shared facilities and data services for internal users are available. Materials research in various fields can proceed effectively in NIMS with high technical supports by many excellent engineers and experts.

Research Space

NIMS provides research space up to the specified space size with no space charge.

Integrated Environment

NIMS researchers are from various fields of materials science. This environment makes it easy to start on-field fusion research. It also provides a good opportunity to explore new ideas with researchers in other fields through lively and stimulating discussions.


Various professional staff with analytical and manufacturing skills are available at researchers’ requests, along with administrative staff to support your research.

Support System for External Funds

NIMS has a competitive research funding support system, and the proposals can be enhanced if needed.

Size of Organization

NIMS is a decently sized organization where the staff's demands are adhered to easily. In addition, the institute has an open-minded and welcoming atmosphere.

Personnel System


The NIMS has a fair and clear multi-faceted evaluation system and a salary increase/promotion system based on it. The evaluations are also reflected in bonuses.


Promotion to a group leader is done through in-house open recruitment. There is no need to wait for a position to open.

Deployment of Human Resources

A flexible personnel system allows motivated and successful researchers to contribute to the group’s growth.


A transfer survey is conducted every year, which gives you the opportunity to transfer to another group, after screening. You never feel restricted.


The NIMS adopts an annual salary system (basic salary + performance salary) as a general rule. Annual income varies according to the evaluation. The standard salary level is disclosed on the following page.

Work-Life balance

NIMS is aiming to create a comfortable working environment regardless of gender.
There are programs to support the research activities and lifestyles of researchers who require childcare or family care, such as the assignment of a research assistant staff, short working hours, telecommuting, etc.

Retirement/Re-Employment System

The retirement and re-employment of NIMS employees are the same as those of government employees. The retirement age is 60 years (as of 2022), and there is a re-employment system up to the age of 65. In the case of a senior scientist with special missions, the retirement age is 65 years, whereas for a Fellow after screening, it is 70 years. In addition, from 2023, the retirement age of government employees will gradually increase to 65 years and NIMS plans to follow suit.

NIMS Overseas Researcher Dispatch Program

Young researchers can apply to the NIMS Overseas Researcher Dispatch Program, and mid-career researchers can apply for a sabbatical leave.

Cross-Appointment System

A cross-appointment system with other universities and research institutes can expand your research network.

Partnership Program/NIMS Venture Company Support Program


A portion (25-50%) of the patent royalty income will be given to the inventor as compensation.

Industrial Collaboration

Depending on the research phase, there are various corporate partnership schemes available at NIMS.

Fostering Venture Business

NIMS provides various types of venture business support, and you can devote within 50% of your efforts to your own venture. Additionally, NIMS provides a venture incubation building to foster a venture business.



NIMS is located near Tsukuba station, a terminal of the Tsukuba Express (TX) train. Free shuttle buses operate between Tsukuba station and NIMS. The NIMS Sengen-site is a 15-minute walk from Tsukuba station.
It takes approximately 45 minutes at the earliest from Tsukuba station to Akihabara station in Tokyo. This short access allows you or your family to commute from Tokyo to Tsukuba.

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Surrounding Environment

Tsukuba City has many research facilities for both private companies and public institutions and is renowned for its good educational environment.

Inquiries 【Recruitment Desk】

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