Terms of use for the NIMS website

2020.06.23 Update

These terms govern use of the website for the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) found at https://www.nims.go.jp/ (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”). Anyone accessing the Site is required to comply with our policies.


Although we closely monitor the content found on our Site, we do not guarantee the reliability of the information found on the Site or its suitability for any particular use.

All documents found on the Site are subject to change or deletion without advance notice. NIMS and its staff assume no responsibility for any damage caused to Site users by such changes. We assume no responsibility for the content of other organizations’ web pages which are linked to from our Site.

Privacy policy

See the "privacy policy" page for privacy protection information related to this Site.

See the “personal information protection” page with regard to NIMS’ personal information protection regulations.


NIMS holds the copyrights, under the Copyright Act and all applicable international treaties, to all documents and data found on this Site unless otherwise stated. Unauthorized assignment and transfer of these copyrights to a third party and reproduction, reprint and use of these documents/data are strictly prohibited without NIMS’ permission. If you intend to reproduce, reprint or use these documents/data with NIMS’ permission, please follow the instructions below.


When using documents or data found on the Site, please clearly acknowledge NIMS as the information source by using such phrases as “Source: National Institute for Materials Science,” “Data provided by NIMS” or “Data provided courtesy of NIMS.” If the Site clearly indicates that the document/data you intend to use is a copyrighted work of NIMS and another organization, please acknowledge all of the organizations by using a phrase such as “Source: NIMS and MANA.”

Data modification

Data modification of any kind is forbidden, except for the forms by which data sources are acknowledged. Data modification means any action that greatly changes the original data, including alteration of the aspect ratios and partial extraction, color modification and reversal of illustrations, images and videos.


Although information found on the Site may be quoted without permission, please do so in accordance with the “fair practices” described in Article 32 of the Copyright Act. Fair practices refer to the quotation by a writer of a copyrighted work of another for the purpose of introducing, referencing or commenting on the quote in the writer’s copyrighted work (based on a 1980 Supreme Court decision). The length of a quotation must be legitimate and its source must be clearly identifiable. For more details about proper quotation, please refer to the various sources available on this subject.

Creating a link to the NIMS website

You may create a link to the NIMS website (the “Site”) when appropriate only if your work posted on the internet clearly indicates use of the information from the Site. However, creation of such links is prohibited where:
  • the purpose and content of the website are contrary to public order and morality;
  • the link may greatly harm the public perception and credibility of NIMS or infringe the rights of certain individuals or groups; or
  • the form of the link appears to be a copy of a NIMS webpage wholly or in part.