Our history from NRIM and NIRIM to NIMS

NEW 2023.04.01 Update

NIMS was merged from two National Research Institutes in April, 2001, and began as an Independent Administrative Institution (IAI). Since April, 2015, the IAI system has been reestablished as the system of the National Research and Development Agency. You can see the introduction from the National Research Institute age to the present in the chronology on this page.


National Research Institute for Metals (NRIM) established under auspices of the former Science and Technology Agency.
National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials (NIRIM) established under auspices of the former Science and Technology Agency.
NIRIM becomes the first national research institute to be relocated to Tsukuba.
NRIM opens Tsukuba Office, three research departments relocated.
NRIM relocation to Tsukuba completed.
Merger of NRIM and NIRIM in April, becoming an Independent Administrative Institution called National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS).

First Mid-Term program started.

  • Three research centers and one research station opened in April.
Second Five-Year Plan started
  • "Open Research Institute" program started.
  • NIMS-TOYOTA Materials Center of Excellence for Sustainable Mobility established in July.
  • ICYS reorganized as the new "International Center for Young Scientists".
New project has started.
  • NIMS Office of ICNSEE at EMPA established in July.
  • NIMS Saint-Gobain Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials established in September.
  • Center of Materials Research for Low Carbon Emission in December.
  • Tsukuba Innovation Arena (TIA) Promotion Office in December.
Third Five-Year Plan started
  • 3 research division and 1 research center (total 37 units) were reorganized in April.
  • TU-NIMS Joint Research Center (TU: Tianjin University) established in September.
  • Construction of New Research Complex Complete
    "NanoGREEN/WPI-MANA Bldg." at the Namiki Site
  • Research Center for TIA Nano-Green Open Innovation established in April.
  • Elements Strategy Initiative Center for Magnetic Materials (ESICMM) established in August.
  • Center for Nanotechnology Platform established in August.
  • Promotion Office for Microstructural Characterization Platform established in August.
  • NU-NIMS Joint Research Center (NU: Northwestern University) established in September.
  • NIMS-DENKA Center of Excellence for Next Generation Materials established in June.
  • NIMS Open Innovation Center established in June.
  • LG-NIMS Center of Excellence for Materials Science established in July.
  • Center of Strategic Materials Alliance for Research and Technology: SMART Center established in July.
  • Magnetic and Spintronic Materials Center established in April.
  • GIANT-NIMS Collaborative Research Center established in September.
  • Research Center for Structural Materials (RCSM) established in October.
  • Tsukuba Open Plaza for Advanced Structural Materials (TOPAS) established in October.
  • Innovation Center for Advanced Phosphors established in January.
  • Construction of New Research Complex Complete "The Advanced Structural Materials Bldg." at the Sengen Site in March.
  • The Independent Administrative Institution(IAI) system reestablished as the system of the National Research and Development Agency in April.
  • Center for Materials Research by Information Integration (cMi2) established in July.
  • JEOL-NIMS Center of Excellence for Analytical Technology established in October.
  • Bioadhesive Materials Technology Center established in October.
  • MCC-NIMS Center of Excellence for Next-generation Functional Materials established in December.
Fourth Seven-Year Plan started
  • 7 research center and Research Network and Facility Services Division were reorganized in April.
  • Center for GaN Characterization and Analysis established in April.
  • LINK Center established in April.
  • MSS Technology Center established in April.
  • Hitachi Metals-NIMS Center of Excellence for Next-generation Materials established in July.
  • NIMS promoted to a Designated National Research and Development Institute in October.
  • Panasonic-NIMS Center of Excellence for Advanced Functional Materials established in November.
  • Amano-Koide Collaborative Research Lab established in March.
  • Softbank-NIMS Advanced Technologies Development Center established in April.
  • CAMECA-NIMS 3DAP Laboratory established in June.
  • Center for Functional Sensor & Actuator established  in June.
  • Cryogenic Center for Liquid Hydrogen and Materials Science(CLean) established in June.
  • Global Networking Division established in April.
  • Center for Advanced Battery Collaboration established in June.
  • Digital Transformation Initiative Center for Magnetic Materials(DXMag) established in November.
Fifth Seven-Year Plan started