RSS Feeds

Get updates on the latest articles put up on the NIMS website. Our feeds include titles, summaries, and publication dates.

We offer RSS feeds (RDF Site Summary or Rich Site Summary) of our news, press releases, and other articles. By using the RSS format, you can browse the titles and abstracts of content provided by NIMS in a similar way to checking emails, through RSS readers and other tools.

How to use RSS feeds

To use our RSS feeds, you will need an RSS reader. There is dedicated software for this, but Internet Explorer, Firefox, and other web browsers also offer RSS reader functions. For guidance on how to use these applications or your browser to set up an RSS subscription, please check the website of the relevant software provider.

List of available RSS feeds

Feed name Content
NIMS General Information Provides all the latest information from NIMS
NIMS News Information Provides the latest news from NIMS
NIMS Recruitment Information Provides recruitment information from NIMS
NIMS Seminar & Event Information Provides information about seminars and events at NIMS