ICYS Administrative Office

International Center for Young Scientists
National Institute for Materials Science

Sengen 1-2-1, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0047, Japan

ICYS Research Fellows


Keywords machine learning, micromagnetic simulations,magnetocaloric materials, magnetic recording, permanent magnets.
Research Field Magnetic and Spintronic Materials
Research Topics Data Driven Development of Magnetic Materials


Keywords process, ceramics, metal-sulfide,
thermoelectric, optic, machine learning
Research Field Functional Materials
Research Topics Tunable Structural Order/Disorder Functional Ceramics: A Novel Prospect of Sulfide-based Materials


Keywords biosensors, photo-electrochemical, self-powered, heterostructured nanomaterials.
Research Field Biomaterials
Research Topics Self-powered Device for Medical Diagnostics

Yuichi HIRAI

Keywords photoluminescence, mechanoluminescence, nanomechanics, polymorphism
Research Field Functional Materials
Research Topics Organic / Inorganic Hybrid Mechanophores

Akimitsu ISHII

Keywords sintering, phase-field method, data assimilation, bayesian optimization
Research Field Computational Materials Science
Research Topics Data Assimilation for Quantitative Prediction of Microstructural Evolution During Sintering Process

Tomoaki KUMEDA

Keywords electrocatalysis, energy conversion, reaction kinetics, single-crystal electrodes, bimetallic electrocatalysts
Research Field Electrocatalysts
Research Topics Microscopic Exploration of Novel Electrocatalytic Fields Using Single-Crystal Model Electrodes

Lingying LI

Keywords directed self-assembly, printed electronics, interfacial engineering, thin film transistors, sensors
Research Field Soft Electronics
Research Topics Development of Soft Electronic Devices by Liquid-Mediated Self-Assembly


Keywords glass, STEM, diffraction
Research Field Advanced Characterization
Research Topics Measurement of Dynamic Heterogeneity Near The Glass Transition Temperature Using Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy

Thi Kim Ngan NGUYEN

Keywords molybdenum octahedral cluster, inverse opal photonic crystal, optoelectronic, photoelectrode, photoluminescence
Research Field Photonics and Photonic Materials
Research Topics Metal-Cluster-Functionalized Photonic Crystal Film for Optical Devices

Yueying PENG

Keywords lithium-ion batteries, lithium metal, energy storage, characterization
Research Field Lithium-ion Battery
Research Topics Multiscale Research on Lithium Metal Battery


Keywords electronic device, wide-bandgap semiconductor, diamond
Research Field Functional Materials
Research Topics High-Performance Diamond Electronic Devices

Kewei SUN

Keywords On-surface chemistry, scanning tunneling microscopy, atomic precision, silicon-incorporated nanostructures
Research Field Polymers and Organic Materials
Research Topics Scanning Tunneling Microscopy for On-Surface Chemistry

Yasuaki TAKEDA

Keywords high-temperature superconductor (HTS), superconducting joint, persistent mode magnet
Research Field Superconducting Materials
Research Topics Persistent Current Magnet Technology for High-Temperature Superconductor (HTS)


Keywords spintronics, antiferromagnet, topology, MRAM
Research Field spintronics
Research Topics Electrical Manipulation of Antiferromagnetic Spin Ordering


Keywords nanophotonics, metasurfaces, BIC, biosensors
Research Field Photonics and Photonic Materials
Research Topics Strong Light-Matter Interactions in All-Dielectric Metasurfaces

Jian XU

Keywords phosphor, transparent ceramics, wLED, solid-state lighting, luminescent materials
Research Field Functional Materials
Research Topics Persistent luminescence for New Generation Solid-state Lighting


Keywords Nonlinear mechanics, acoustics, olfaction, sensors and actuators
Research Field Sensors and Actuators
Research Topics Nonlinear thermoviscous acoustics multicomponent gas separation for mobile olfaction

Weinan ZHOU

Keywords spin caloritronics, transverse thermoelectric generation, heat flux sensor
Research Field Magnetic and Spintronic Materials
Research Topics Transverse Thermoelectric Generation for Heat Flux Sensing