International Center for Young Scientists (ICYS)

The NIMS International Center for Young Scientists (ICYS) program provides you with a “Melting Pot” environment mixing different research fields and cultures. Talented young multinational researchers are gathering to conduct independent research. ICYS researchers are expected to pursue various aspects of interdisciplinary materials research in close collaboration with NIMS mentor researchers. The offices of ICYS are located at Sengen and Namiki sites of NIMS in Tsukuba Science City.

NIMS's unique system helps active research of talented young scientists from all over the world

Koichi Tsuchiya
Managing Director of ICYS
Technological innovation often calls for emergence of innovative new materials. NIMS, as a core research institute in the field of materials science, is always seeking for young talented materials scientists who is keen to carry out innovative, high quality research based on their original idea.
The International Center for Young Scientists (ICYS), inaugurated in 2003 in NIMS, offers unique research environment represented by “In4”, that is, International, Interdisciplinary, Independent and Innovative. So far, we received applications from over 90 countries and accepted researchers from 30 countries. ICYS research fellows are encouraged to pursue innovative research based on their original ideas. For each ICYS fellow, mentors, who are the experts in the similar research field in NIMS, are assigned to give advice on the direction of the research. Some research budget is provided annually and the fellows can take full advantage of advanced research facilities in NIMS. Full clerical support is given by ICYS staff in English so that the fellows can concentrate on their research.
The office space is provided in each campus of NIMS, where all the ICYS fellows working on the different topics sit together. This “melting pot” environment is designed to grow interdisciplinary atmosphere through daily interactions. Bi-weekly ICYS seminars offer good opportunity for the ICYS fellows to present their research progress and to get new ideas from their colleagues and NIMS researchers through lively and stimulative discussion.
After the ICYS fellowship, a number of the fellows obtained tenure researcher positions in NIMS or found faculty positions in top-ranked universities, research institutes as well as companies world-wide.
ICYS will continue to foster leading materials scientists for the next generation.
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