NIMS Award 2021 Goes to Prof. Tsuneya Ando,
Prof. Allan H. MacDonald and Prof. Pablo Jarillo-Herrero


National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)

The National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) (Kazuhito Hashimoto, President) has selected the following scientists as the winners of the NIMS Award 2021.
Prof. Tsuneya Ando
(Honorary Professor, Emeritus Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology / Emeritus Professor, University of Tokyo For “Fundamental theoretical studies on quantum states of low-dimensional materials”)
Prof. Allan H. MacDonald
(Professor of Physics,
University of Texas at Austin)
Prof. Pablo Jarillo-Herrero
(Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Jointly awarded for “Pioneering work of new quantum physics by twistronics”)

The NIMS Award 2021 will be given to three scientists who have conducted groundbreaking research in the field of “research on quantum materials, such as materials and structures that exhibit quantum effects or research that leads to the innovative use of the materials.” Their efforts have been recognized as outstanding achievements that have led to a breakthrough in the development of next-generation quantum devices using ultimate two-dimensional materials such as graphene.

The Award Ceremony and a series of the Award Winning Lecture will take place as a part of NIMS WEEK 2021, which will be held online from November 17, 2021.

NIMS Award

Since 2007, the NIMS Award has been given to researchers around the world in recognition of their outstanding achievements in materials science and technology. This year’s recipients were selected by a selection committee comprised of staff members at NIMS and scientists from other organizations based on nominations from top scientists around the world in the area of “Basic Materials Science.”


NIMS WEEK is an annual event hosted by NIMS consisting of an Academic Symposium and a Showcase. The participants can encounter “cutting edge materials research” through a variety of activities, such as the NIMS Award symposium to honor the award recipients and the exhibitions of the latest materials research at the NIMS Showcase.

NIMS WEEK 2021 will be held online for two days from Wednesday, November 17 to Thursday, November 18, due to safety concerns regarding COVID-19. Details will be announced later on the NIMS official website.


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