Material Science Latest Research Week


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You can see the most advanced
materials close to practical use.

NIMS WEEK is an annual event that introduces the latest academic achievements of NIMS and the newest technologies expected to be of practical use.
This year, experience NIMS’s “now” with the following online programs. Admission is totally Free.
We are all looking forward to your participation.

November 27th (Fri.) Online (Live streaming from NIMS *including prerecorded movies)
No charge (Pre-registration required)
  • Nov.25(Wed.)
    NIMS Open Facility
  • Nov.26(Thu.)
    NIMS Graduate Program

LIVE Schedule

Nov. 25 (Wed.)
*Registration is not required.
10:00~ NIMS Open Facility Japanese Program (No English translation)
Nov. 26 (Thu.)
*Registration is not required.
10:00~ NIMS Graduate Program Japanese Program (No English translation)
Nov. 27 (Fri.)
* Pre-registration required
10:00~ NIMS AwardEnglish Program (No Japanese translation)
  • NIMS Award 2020 Winning Lectures
  • Short Oral Session:
    “Latest Trends in Materials for Thermal Management”
  • Panel Discussion:
    “Materials Challenge for Thermal Management”
12:55~ Latest Research Exhibition 2020Japanese Program (No English translation)
  • Presentations from NIMS Top Researchers
  • Poster Session "Latest Research Achievement Posters 80"
  • Poster Session: Core Time @Zoom
*The live streaming time vary depending on the situation.
Nov. 27, 2020
"NIMS Award 2020" has finished. Thank you for your participation!
Nov. 19, 2020
"NIMS Award 2020 Ceremony" (on Nov. 27th 2020) has been cancelled because of COVID-19 situation.
Nov. 18, 2020
Benefits of Early Registration has finished.
Nov. 4, 2020
Updated all to NIMS WEEK 2020.

Nov. 25th (Wed.)


NIMS Open Facility (NOF)

[Japanese Program (NO English translation)]

ONLINE (*Prerecorded movie)

*Registration is NOT required.
( You can watch in the above window.)

The NIMS Open Facility (NOF) is always ready to share more than 250 advanced facilities with academia and industry. We will introduce our many attractive facilities to fabricate, observe, and measure materials and also some attractive features of the materials data platform, DICE.

NOV. 26th (Thu.)


Graduate Program

[Japanese Program (NO English translation)]


*Registration is NOT required.
( You can watch in the above window.)

For YOU who consider entering graduate course to pursue your research. NIMS encourages your ambition with a variety of supports and distinguished researchers. We will introduce the alumni voice, and actual research environment and supports of The NIMS graduate program.

Nov. 27 (Fri.)
NIMS Award
English Program (No translation)
Registration Required

NIMS Award is an international award which is given to a world-class researcher who did innovative research and accomplished excellent results in Material Science.
In this session, we will have an NIMS Award Winning-Lecture, several presentations by NIMS researchers, and panel discussion with material scientists regarding Materials for Thermal Energy Conversion and Thermal Management.

NIMS Award

NIMS Award 2020 Winning Lectures


NIMS Award 2020 Winning Lectures by 2 Winners, Prof. Goldsmid and Prof. Koumoto wil be held on Nov. 27th(Fri.).
(*NIMS Award Ceremony" has been cancelled because of COVID-19 situation.)

Short Oral Session

“Latest Trends in Materials for Thermal Management”


Latest research presentations by 7 NIMS researchers and panel discussion with NIMS Award winners and material scientists.

Panel Discussion

“Materials Challenge for Thermal Management”


Send your questions!
The passionate material scientists of various research fields will discuss the latest trends in materials for thermal management.
Panelists: Prof. Goldsmid, Prof. Koumoto, Prof. Hosono(TITECH/NIMS) and more

Nov. 27 (Fri.)
Latest Research Exhibition
Japanese Program (No translation)
Registration Required

We are delighted to introduce our 80 new outstanding discoveries this year. Do not miss out on this great opportunity to learn our new research achievements.
Real-time discussions with NIMS researchers will also be available using online meeting tools.

Poster Session

Latest Research Achievement Posters 80


Through our 80 posters, you can check our latest material research achievements. Discussions with NIMS researchers at Zoom are welcome. Come and find seeds of research collaboration at this Showcase.


Search Poster

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Presentations from NIMS Top Researchers


We will introduce twelve oral presentations. thermoelectric conversion, heat insulation, high sensitive sensors and more various material researches will be introduced.

Poster Session

CoreTime @Zoom


Real-time discussions with NIMS researchers will also be available by Zoom meetings.

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The Program of Nov. 27 (Fri.) requires registration. Please follow the procedure below.

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  3. Access to the link on Nov. 27th (Fri.).

*As for the pre-events of Nov. 25th and Nov. 26th, you can watch at the pre-event movie frame without registraion.

Benefits of Early Registration:

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Greetings from the President

On October 1st, 2016, the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) made a new start as a designated national research and development institute. Japan has traditionally taken a leading position in the field of materials science and nanotechnology in the world. As a core institute, leading an innovation national system in this field, NIMS is expected to contribute to strengthen Japan’s industrial competitiveness, including human resource development, aiming at the realization of Society 5.0 (Super Smart Society), listed in the 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan.

NIMS WEEK is an annual event hosted by NIMS consisting of an Academic Symposium and a Showcase. The participants can encounter “cutting edge materials research” through a variety of activities, such as the NIMS Award symposium to honor the award recipients and the exhibitions of the latest materials research at the NIMS Showcase. Due to the COVID-19 situations, NIMS WEEK 2020 will be held online in November 2020. This is our first ever attempt, however, a variety of sessions to introduce our activities will also be available as always.

Through this NIMS WEEK, I would like you to see the front line of evolving materials research.

Kazuhito Hashimoto
National Institute for Materials Science(NIMS)