Vol.16 No.3 <2018 May-June>

Research Center for Advanced Measurement and Characterization
Under Real-operation Conditions

2018.07.26 Published

Operando techniques for observation of materials in actual operational conditions


Special Talk

Takeshi Fukuda (Director, Nano Life Science Institute Kanazawa University)
  Daisuke Fujita (Director, Reseach Center for Advanced Measurement and Characterization, NIMS)
"What to Observe? Advancing measurement and characterization technologies to a whole new level"

Research Highlight1

Ayako Hashimoto (Senior Reseacher, In-situ Characterization Technique Development Group)
"Observation of catalytic reactions in fuel cells using a transmission electron microscope"

Research Highlight2

Nobuyuki Ishida (Senior Researcher, Surface Characterization Group)
"Investigation  of battery under running condition using a scanning probe microscope"

Research Highlight3

Hiroaki Mamiya (Chief Researcher, Neutron Scattering Group)
"Determining electron spin arrangements Innovative idea that enabled neutron transmission measurements"

Research Highlight4

Akiko N. Itakura (Leader of the Surface Physics and Characterization Group)
"Identifying hydrogen pathways using a microscope capable of measuring diffused hydrogen"

Science is even more amazing than you think (maybe…)

CRISPR genome editing technique: a revolutionary invention attracting global attention
Text by Akio Etori
Illustration by Joe Okada(vision track)

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