Vol.16 No.2 <2018 March-April>

Research Center for Structural Materials
Exploring the potential of materials

2018.03.30 Published

Multifaceted R&D on structural materials


Special Talk

Kohsaku Ushioda (Senior Advisor, Nippon Steel & Sumikin Research Institute corporation; NIMS Special Researcher)
  Koichi Tsuchiya (Director, Research Center for Structural Materials, NIMS)
"Structural materials supporting sustainable society"

Enhancing alloy microstructures through optimized processing

Hidetoshi Somekawa (Group Leader, Lightweight Metallic Materials Group)
"Unbreakable under compression--Accordion-like deformable Magnesium alloys"

Observing microstructures

Ivan Gutierrez-Urrutia (Senior Researcher, Corrosion Resistant  Group)
"Multiscale microstructure characterization using a single electron microscope"

Investigating the properties

Hideaki Nishikawa (Researcher, Fatigue Properties Group)
"Automated evaluation of fatigue properties: Investigating the microstructure of the metals from short crack"

Assessing the performance of metal materials

Kota Sawada (Group Leader, Materials Strength Standard and Technology Group)
"Innovative long-term creep tests--Creep life prediction of 10years in the future"

The Research Column

Ikuo Ohnuma (Group Leader, Computational Structural Materials Design Group)
"Computational thermodynamics plays an important role in developing structural materials"

Special Tripartite Talk: NIMS Award 2017

Prof. John Ågren (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
Prof. Bo Sundman (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
Prof. Kiyohito Ishida (Tohoku University)
"Innovation through collaboration in computational thermodynamics"

Science is even more amazing than you think (maybe…)

Can LEDs slove the food crisis?
written by Akio Etori
illustration by Joe Okada (vision track)

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