Vol.16 No.1 <2018 January-February>

Research Center for Functional Materials: Part2
Bringing the lab to life

2018.03.14 Published

Processing technologies enabling practical application of new materials


Special Talk

Isamu Yashima (Fellow, Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co., LTD.)
Izumi Ichinose (Deputy Director-General and Managing Researcher, Research Center for Functional Materials)
"Developing materials taking mass production into account"

Process 1
Processing technique to produce high-performance superconductors

Akihiro Kikuchi (Group Leader, Low-Temperature Superconducting Wire Group)
"Perfecting the fabrication of superconducting wires"

Process 2
Hottest new material for next-generation semiconductor

Yuichi Oshima (Senior Researcher, Optical Single Crystals Group)
"Perfecting the synthesis of α-gallium oxide (α-Ga2O3) films"

Process 3
Improving transparency and processability with low temperature

Byung-Nam Kim (Group Leader, Field-Assisted Sintering Group)
Hidehiro Yoshida (Principal Researcher, Field-Assisted Sintering Group)
"Perfecting the fabricating process of highly-functional ceramics"

Physical mechanism investigation

Yuka Kobayashi (Principal Researcher, Molecular Design and Function Group)
"Electrically conductive organic materials"

The Research Column

Isao Sakaguchi (Group Leader, Ceramics Surface and Interface Group)
"Evaluation techniques that optimize the processing of materials - Secondary ion mass spectrometer"

Science is even more amazing than you think (maybe…)

Harmonious coexistence of humans and artificial intelligence
written by Akio Etori
illustration by Joe Okada (vision track)


  1. NIMS researchers received HPCwire Readers' Choice Award
  2. NIMS Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NIST
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