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Vol.14 No.3 <2016 Apr-May>

A new chapter in solar cell revolution

2016.07.22 Published

Unlocking the future with new materials and technologies


[Special Talk] Putting solar cell research in perspective

Prof. Makoto Konagai
(Advanced Research Laboratories, Tokyo City University)

Dr. Kenjiro Miyano
(Fellow, NIMS)

GREEN's effort in basic research on perovskite solar cells

Yasuhiro Shirai
(Ad hoc Team on Perovskite PV Cells, GREEN, NIMS)

Masatoshi Yanagida
(Ad hoc Team on Perovskite PV Cells, GREEN, NIMS) 

Basics of Solar cells

Principle of solar cells
Types of solar cells
Research issues on solar cells

Improvement of Existing Material (Silicon)

NEW method to create high-quality single-crystal silicon at low cost
Takashi Sekiguchi
(Managing Researcher, MANA)

Toward practical use (Perovskite)

Achieving conversion efficiency over 18% with large-size Perovskite solar cells
Han Liyuan
(Managing Researcher, Center for Green Research on Energy and Environmental Materials) 

Solar cells of the future (Ⅲ-Ⅴ nitride semiconductors and quantum dots)

Ultimate conversion efficiencies by means of "intermediate band concept"
Masatomo Sumiya
(Chief Researcher, Wide Bandgap Materials Group, Electric and Electronic Materials Field, Research Center for Functional Materials)
Sang Liwen
(MANA Independent Scientist)
Takeshi Noda
(Group Learder, Photovoltaic Materials Group, Center for Green Research on Energy and Environment Materials)


[Special Interview]

Dr. Hiroshi Morimoto
(President of Photovoltaic Power Generation Technology Research Association)

Science is even more amazing than you think (maybe…)

Will all energy problems be solved some day?
written by Akio Etori
illustration by Shinsuke Yoshitake


・G7 Foreign Ministers Visit NIMS during G7 Science and Technology Ministers' Meeting in Tsukuba
・3N-Lab as the first LIA in the field of physics in Japan

Hello from NIMS
Martin Elborg

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