NIMS Award 2019 Goes to Prof. Gerbrand Ceder and Dr. Pierre Villars


National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)

National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) (Kazuhito Hashimoto, President) has selected the following scientists as the winners of the NIMS Award 2019.
Prof. Gerbrand Ceder
(Professor, UC Berkeley)
Dr. John Ågren
Dr. Pierre Villars
(Director and Owner,
Material Phases Data System)
Dr. Bo Sundman

NIMS Award 2019 will be given to two scientists who have done groundbreaking works in the field of “data-driven materials research and data infrastructure”. Professor Gerbrand Ceder pioneered data-driven materials research based on the first-principles calculations. Meanwhile, Dr. Pierre Villars developed Pauling File, the world's largest inorganic materials database. Both research results have made a profound influence on the society as the comprehensive studies that have pioneered new avenues utilizing data in materials research or the research that became its solid foundation.

The award ceremony and the NIMS Academic symposium will take place at the Tokyo International Forum on October 30 as a part of the NIMS WEEK 2019.

NIMS Award

Since 2007, the NIMS Award has been given to researchers around the world in recognition of their outstanding achievements in materials science and technology. This year’s recipients were selected by the selection committee comprised of the staff members at NIMS and scientists from other organizations based on the nominations from the top scientists in the area of “Characterization, Simulation and Informatics”.


NIMS WEEK is an annual event hosted by NIMS consisting of Academic Symposium, Showcase and Open Laboratory. The participants can encounter “cutting edge materials research” through a variety of activities, such as the NIMS Award symposium to honor the award recipients and the exhibitions of the latest materials research at the NIMS Showcase. The largest ever “NIMS Open Laboratory”—which is mainly targeted towards industrial engineers and academic researchers including graduate students and faculty members—will be held on the first day of the NIMS WEEK to publicize the NIMS’ research activities and may provide opportunities for collaborations, employment of graduate students and administrative staff members.
NIMS WEEK 2019 Schedule
Date Title Venue
October 28, Mon NIMS Open Laboratory NIMS, Tsukuba
October 30, Wed NIMS Award and Academic Symposium Tokyo International Forum, Hall B5
October 31, Thu NIMS Showcase Tokyo International Forum, Hall B5
November 1, Fri STAM 20th Anniversary Symposium The Univ of Tokyo, San-jo Kaikan


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