Kazuhiro Hono, NIMS President, receives Acta Materialia Gold Medal


NIMS President Dr. Kazuhiro Hono was selected as the winner of the Acta Materialia Gold Medal 2024, which recognizes outstanding contributions and original research in the field of materials science and engineering.

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Awards Ceremony

The Acta Materialia Gold Medal recognizes highly original achievements in materials science and engineering that have had a long-term and significant impact on the development of the field. Dr. Hono is recognized for his pioneering work on metallic nanostructures using 3D atom probes and electron microscope. He has also been a leader in research on metals and magnetic materials, such as improving the coercivity of dysprosium-free neodymium magnets by elucidating the retention mechanism of rare earth permanent magnets.

The award was presented at the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) 2024 Annual Meeting held in Orlando, Florida, March 3-7, 2024, with an award ceremony.