STAM offers APC-free publication to promote open science


Article processing charges (APCs)—publication fees charged to the authors of research articles—are rapidly increasing worldwide. In response, NIMS and the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) are cosponsoring an APC-free publishing campaign by Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM)—an international, open access materials science journal. Publishing in STAM usually requires authors to pay an APC of US$1200 / £925 / €1060 / ¥131,000. Authors will be exempt from these fees until March 31, 2025—the 25th anniversary of the launch of STAM.

It is important to promote open science by making it easier to publish and access research articles. This will contribute to solving urgent global issues, such as global warming and new coronavirus pandemics. The communique issued by the G7 science and technology ministers' conference in May 2023 states, “The G7 will collaborate in expanding open science with equitable dissemination of scientific knowledge and publicly funded research outputs, including research data and scholarly publications.” This prompted Japan to take initiatives to promote open science. For example, the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (CSTI) is considering requiring authors whose work is publicly funded the immediate open access of the final, peer-reviewed manuscripts of their research papers. This plan is expected to be implemented starting with 2025 public funding recipients.

Since 2008, STAM has been making its issues available as gold open access publications to allow its readers to access them for free. This pioneering initiative, among other efforts, has been made to promote open science by disseminating the latest materials science research worldwide. Many other scientific journals have since adopted open access models. However, this has significantly increased the financial burden on authors as they have to pay APCs to cover the loss of subscription-based revenue. This impedes equitable research publication opportunities.

To address this issue, NIMS and Empa are cosponsoring STAM’s APC-free publishing campaign. Simultaneously offering publication fee exemptions and open access services is expected to promote more equitable opportunities to publish and access research outputs. NIMS will help popularize open science through STAM’s APC-free publishing campaign.

* An article publishing charge (APC) is a fee which is charged to authors in order to cover the cost of open access publication.

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM)

STAM is an international journal launched in 2000 that covers all aspects of materials science. The journal’s Impact Factor in 2023 was 5.5 — one of the highest scores ever achieved by a Japanese scientific journal. As of June 2023, STAM’s editorial board consists of 68 expert members from 13 countries, including editor-in-chief Kazuhiro Hono (President of NIMS). STAM serves as a medium for materials scientists to globally publicize their research findings.