NIMS releases the Materials Data Repository (MDR) and DICE, a materials data platform

- Data collection, accumulation, and publication for data-driven materials research –


Materials Data Platform Center, Research and Services Division of Materials Data and Integrated System (MaDIS), at the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) released the "Materials Data Repository (MDR)" and web site of the “Materials Data Platform, DICE" on June 15th, 2020, to contribute to the data-driven materials research.

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MDR is a data repository to collect and store research papers, presentation materials, and related scientific data for the promotion of materials research. MDR comply with FAIR concept, and particularly designs for the use them for materials informatics. Users can search the documents and information about the data (metadata) such as specimens, instruments, methods, and from the full text of the deposited data, to browse and download by open access manner. User registration is not required and there is no charge for use.

Furthermore, the contents of the existing NIMS repositories (PubMan for papers and Imeji for image data) and a part of MatNavi database (READS this time and FGM in July) will be transferred to MDR.

Materials data are being collected from NIMS and related institutes and will be posted to expand the data as they become available. In the future, data from cooperating organizations and the general users will be collected and stored to further accumulate materials data.

DICE will incorporate “NIMS Materials Database (MatNavi)” and “NIMS Materials Data Conversion Tools (M-DaC)”, which are already in service, and “Materials Data Repository (MDR)”, which is released today. A variety of services will be provided on DICE in the future, including the dissemination of related information and further expansion of data.

Exact usage varies from service to service. Feel free to take a look at DICE and find the right service for your purpose. Before using DICE, visit the following site to learn how to use the platform and agree to its terms.

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Contact information

Data Service Team,
Materials Data Platform Center,
National Institute for Materials Science
* Please contact us by completing the on-line form on DICE

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