NIMS plays an important role of a center-hub in Advanced Research Infrastructure for Materials and Nanotechnology (ARIM), MEXT.

2022.06.01 Update

In the ARIM project, 6 hub organizations and 19 spoke organizations work together to provide support for each important technology field and data structuring for data collection and utilization. In particular, NIMS contributes to the operation of the entire project as a center hub organization.

about ARIM

In the ARIM project, we provide not only sharing cutting-edge equipment, but also technical support by highly specialized engineers. And also, we will introduce new remote, automated and high-throuput advanced equipment, and utilize the materials data created by using the equipment. We will collect data in a structured form for easy data sharing.

Furthermore, we are aiming to strengthen materials innovation capabilities in Japan by building a "Material DX platform" that is a trinity with the "Data Creation & Utilization Type Materials Research and Development Project" and the "NIMS Data Core Center".

NIMS-ARIM entrance site
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Advanced equipment of NIMS can be shared.
We also collect and accumulate materials data.