Vol.22 No.1 <2024 January-February>

Research Center for Energy and Environmental Materials (GREEN)
Energy revolution

2024.03.19 Published


Energy revolution

Research Center for Energy and Environmental Materials (GREEN)
Director : Yoshitaka Tateyama

Key Projects

Basic research on energy conversion and storage materials
Project leader : Yoshitaka Tateyama

Development of extremely safe solid-state oxide batteries

Tsuyoshi Ohnishi
Leader, Battery Interface Control Group

Enabling observation of fast-moving lithium ions within solid-state batteries

Naoaki Kuwata
Principal Researcher, Battery Interface Control Group

Overcoming issues hampering the development of practical perovskite solar cells

Yasuhiro Shirai
Leader, Photovoltaic Materials Group

Updates on NIMS’ magnetic refrigeration technology for hydrogen liquefaction

Koji Kamiya
Leader, Magnetic Refrigeration System Group

Kyohei Natsume
Principal Researcher, Magnetic Refrigeration System Group

Leaders of the future

Calpa Marcela Researcher,
Solid State Battery Materials Group

Kei Kubota
Senior Researcher, Battery Materials Analysis Group

Toshihiko Mandai
Senior Researcher, Rechargeable Battery Materials Group

Ken Sakaushi
Principal Researcher, Interface Electrochemistry Group

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