Vol.21 No.5 <2023 September-October>

Research Center for Structural Materials
Pushing the limits

2024.01.12 Published


Pushing the limits

Organizational structure of the Research Center for Structural Materials (RCSM)
Managing Director : Takahito Ohmura

Key Projects

[#1] Create structural materials for carbon neutral technologies capable of functioning properly under extreme conditions
Project leader : Makoto Watanabe

[#2] Improve reliability of structural materials to make society more resilient
Project leader : Hideki Katayama

Making strong, lightweight, environmentally friendly CFRPs

Kimiyoshi Naito
Leader, Polymer Matrix Composites Group

Metal additive manufacturing: capable of fabricating reliable structural components

Masahiro Kusano
Senior Researcher, Additive Manufacturing Group

Ceramic matrix composites: a revolutionary aircraft material

Hideki Kakisawa
Group Leader, Ceramic Matrix Composites Group

Solidification cracking —a cause of severe weld failure— caught in the act!

Tomoya Nagira
Group Leader, Welding and Joining Technology Group

Large-area, high-resolution, three-dimensional imaging of materials using multifunctional microscopes

Toru Hara
Group Leader, Microstructure Analysis Group

Accurate simulation of heat-resistant material microstructures based solely on fundamental physical laws

Ryoji Sahara
Group Leader, Computational Structural Materials Group 

Leaders of the future

Tomotaka Hatakeyama
Researcher, Creep Property Group

Kazuho Okada
Researcher, Steel Research Group

Kentaro Wada
Researcher, Cryogenic Fatigue Group

Inquiries and Subscription

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