Vol.20 No.3 <2022 May-June>


2022.08.18 Published


NIMS makes a fresh start under new leadership

Kazuhiro Hono
President,National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
Kazuhito Hashimoto
Former president,National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)

Revealing coconut crab claw microstructures:
clue to the development of extremely tough materials

Tadanobu Inoue
Group Leader, Plasticity Processing Group Field Director,
Desigh and Producing Field
Reseaech Center for Structural Materials

Fine ceramic powder produced by accident:
probing a mysterious phenomenon leads to
the development of a new technique

Naoki Ohashi
Group Leader,Electroceramics Group Field Director,
Electric and Electronic Materials Field Director,
Reseaech Center for Functional Materials

Strong yet easily removable adhesive inspired
by the wall-climbing footpads of flies

Naoe Hosoda
Group Leader,Surface and Adhesion Science Group
Bonding and Manufacturing Field
Reseaech Center for Structural Materials

Overcoming a disadvantage of silicon leads to
a breakthrough in the development of
next-generation batteries

Narumi Ohta
Principal Researcher,
All Solid-State Battery Group
Center for Green Research
on Energy and Environmental Materials

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