Vol.20 No.2 <2022 March-April>

2021→2022 Transition to new challenges

2022.03.23 Published


【Interview with the President of NIMS】
Remembering FY2021
and tacklimg new challenges in FY2022

Kazuhito Hashimoto
President of the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)

[Liquid hydrogen]
Full-scale R&D begins:
materials vital to achieving a hydrogen economy

Tadashi Shimizu
Director, Cryogenic Center for Liquid
Hydrogen and Materials Science (CLean) Director,
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Station

「Pick Up」

Hideki Katayama
Deputy Director,
Reseaech Center for Structural Materials
Yoshinori Ono
Principal Researcher,
Materials Strength Standard and Technology Group
Reseaech Center for Structural Materials

[Next-generation batteries]
Strengthening NIMS'role
as a core battery development center

Kazunori Takada
Center for Green Research
on Energy and Environmental Materials

「Pick Up」
Development of lithium-air battery

Kohei Uosaki
Executive Advisor to the President
Shoichi Matsuda
Senior Researcher
Rechargeable Battery Materials Group
Center for Green Research on Energy and
Environmental Materials

[Materials Open Platform (MOP) for Chemical lndustry]
Development of an AI technique capable of improving the accuracy
of next-generation material property predictions

Takashi Nakanishi
Leader of the Frontier Molecules Group
International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics

[Materials Open Platform (MOP) for Pharmaceutical Science]
Aiming to become a leader in
pharmaceutical materials science

Kohsaku Kawakami
Leader of the Medical Soft Matter Group
Research Center for Functional Materials

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