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Vol.15 No.6 <2018 November-December>

Research Center for Functional Materials: Part1
Discovering "function X"

2018.02.13 Published

Novel materials and functions for a more affluent and comfortable society


Special Interview

Naoki Ohashi (Director, Research Center for Functional Materials)
"World-changing materials and materials for the future"

Discovering Function X

Tokuyuki Teraji (Principal Researcher, Wide Bandgap Materials Group)
"Developing innovative devices with highest quality diamond in the world"

Takaaki Mano (Principal Researcher, Epitaxial Nanostructures Group)
"Quantum dots for safe and secure communication"

Masafumi Yoshio (Principal Researcher, Semiconductor Nano-interfaces Group)
"Exploring the potential of flexible, energy-efficient liquid crystalline materials"

Physical mechanism investigation

Taichi Terashima (Chief Researcher, Quantum Transport Properties Group)
Efforts to understand the origin of superconductivity
--Measurement of electronic states of iron selenide(FeSe) superconductors

Science is even more amazing than you think (maybe…)

What would room-temperature superconducting materials mean to the world?
written by Akio Etori
illustration by Joe Okada (vision track)

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