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Vol.15 No.3 <2017 May-June>

Manipulating molecules

2017.07.21 Published


NIMS NOW Interview

Designing molecules : designing the future
- Molecular machines, nanocars and future developments -

Christian Joachim (Director of Research at Pico-Lab CEMES -CNRS)
Katsuhiko Ariga (Principal Investigator at MANA)

Research Highlights

[World's first development of molecular motors capable of switching rotational directions]
Takashi Uchihashi (Group Leader, Surface Quantum Phase Materials Group, WPI-MANA)

Molecule Car Race! (Waka Nakanishi & Yasuhiro Shirai)

[Controlling self-assembly of supramolecules]
Katsuhiko Ariga (Group Leader, Supermolecules Group, WPI-MANA)
Lok Kumar Shirestha (Senior Researcher, Supermolecules Group, WPI-MANA)
Kazunori Sugiyasu (Principal Reseacher, Molecular Design and Function Group, Research Center for Functional Materials)

[Developing single organic molecular devices using chemical domino effect and soldering]
Yuji Okawa (Chief Researcher, Nanoionic Devices Group, WPI-MANA)

[Identifying molecular structures and properties using an ultra-high-resolution AFM]
Shigeki Kawai (Principal Researcher, Nano Functionality Integration Group, WPI-MANA)

[Developing revolutionary data storage by manipulating chemical reactions between C60 molecules at a single molecular scale]
Tomonobu Nakayama (Deputy Director, MANA PI, and Group Leader of Nano Functionality Integration Group, WPI-MANA)

Science is even more amazing than you think (maybe…)

Protein 3000 Project
written by Akio Etori
illustration by Joe Okada (vision track)


  1. NIMS and Four Chemical Companies to Develop a Framework for Promoting Open Innovation
  2. NIMS and Three Steel Companies to Develop a Framework for Open Innovation
Hello from NIMS (Jevasuwan Wipakorn)

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