NIMS Issues New Data Sheets

—Three New Data Sheets Published, Including the Results of Metal Fatigue Tests Performed for 10 Billion Cycles—


National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)

The National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) published three new data sheets on March 31, 2017.


(1) Publication of revised creep data sheets on creep-resistant steel for thermal power plants

“NIMS CREEP DATA SHEET No. 57A: Data sheets on the elevated-temperature properties of 18Cr-10Ni-Nb stainless steel tube for boilers and heat exchangers (ASME SA-213/SA-213M Grade TP347HFG)"

This stainless steel tube is mainly used as heat exchanger tubes in thermal power plant boilers. This revision contains creep rupture data (including specimen creep ruptured after about 61,000 hours), high temperature tensile test data, and optical micrographs of microstructures in the as received condition and creep ruptured specimens.

(2) Publication of fatigue data sheets on stainless steel and aluminum alloy

“NIMS FATIGUE DATA SHEET No. 122: Data sheets on high stress ratio gigacycle fatigue properties of SUS630 stainless steel (16Cr-4Ni-4Cu)”
“NIMS FATIGUE DATA SHEET No. 123: Data sheets on high/low cycle fatigue properties of A7075-T6 aluminum alloy plates (Al-5.6Zn-2.5Mg-1.6Cu)”

SUS630 stainless steel is used in atomic power plants and ship machinery parts/bolts due to its superior strength and corrosion resistance. A7075-T6 aluminum alloy plates are also very strong and used in transport equipment. NIMS performs gigacycle fatigue tests in order to ensure safety in designing, maintaining and managing equipment. Accordingly, fatigue tests of SUS630 were carried out for 10 billion cycles, and strain controlled low cycle fatigue tests and load controlled high cycle fatigue tests of A7075-T6 were conducted for up to 100,000 and 100 million cycles, respectively.
During the gigacycle fatigue tests of SUS630, ultrasonic fatigue tests were also performed. No standard methods had been available for ultrasonic fatigue tests until recently, but a Japan Welding Engineering Society Standard, WES1112, was enacted on March 1, 2017. NIMS researchers were deeply involved in this enactment, and ultrasonic fatigue tests conducted this time complied with the standard.

The previously issued data sheets are frequently used as reference data that serves as standards for design allowable and material selection in various fields. We hope that these new publications will also be useful in a wide range of applications.


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