NIMS Launches New Program for Regional Revitalization and Setting a “Knowledge Network”

—Inviting Research Groups of Faculty Members and Students from Universities, Graduate Schools and Technical Colleges in Japan—

(2016.11.15 Update)

National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)

NIMS will launch a new program that invites research groups—consisting of faculty members and students from universities, graduate schools or technical colleges throughout Japan—to NIMS, and supports them with traveling and accommodation expenses.


  1. In October 2016, the corporate status of the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) changed to a Designated National Research and Development Institute. Under the guidance of President Kazuhito Hashimoto, NIMS has been playing a central role in leading Japan’s innovation system. In order to revitalize local communities in coordination with local universities, and raise the standard of materials science in Japan, NIMS will take the initiative (NIMS Joint Research Hub Program) by inviting research teams comprising researchers and students from Japanese universities, graduate schools or technical colleges.
  2. NIMS has already been offering services to students and researchers through the Joint Graduate School Program and other activities. However, the new program will expand the scope of eligible applications by including universities, graduate schools and technical colleges all over the nation, and provide qualified researchers and students with opportunities to conduct research at NIMS for an extended time using human resources and scientific instruments available there.
  3. This program will invite groups of faculty members and students, instead of inviting them individually, as such approach will better prepare them for joint research. Also, participants gain valuable experience in collaboration with NIMS researchers during the program, which may inspire them to join forces with local businesses in an effort to revitalize local communities.
  4. Moreover, the new program will attract researchers and students from across Japan to NIMS for materials research, and encourage them to build a network through which they can share firsthand knowledge. This movement will help elevate the standard of materials science in Japan.
  5. This initiative will be implemented using a part of the president’s special fund, and this fiscal year, NIMS is planning to invite about 100 research teams from around the country by allocating 100 million yen for the program. We will support participating researchers and students with traveling and accommodation costs so that they can carry out long-term research at NIMS and build solid collaborative relationships.


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