NIMS Award Goes to Koichi Mizushima and Akira Yoshino


National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)


The National Institute for Material Science (NIMS) (President: Kazuhito Hashimoto) has chosen the winners of NIMS Award 2016 as follows.
Koichi Mizushima
(Toshiba Research Consulting Corporation)
Koichi Mizushima
Akira Yoshino
(Asahi Kasei Corporation)
Akira Yoshino
<<Reason for Winning>>
Discovery of cathode material for the lithium-ion battery (LiCoO2) and development of the lithium-ion battery

Koichi Mizushima proved that lithium cobaltite (LiCoO2) is an effective cathode material for secondary batteries. Akira Yoshino developed a prototype lithium-ion rechargeable battery using LiCoO2 as a cathode, carbon material as an anode, and propylene carbonate as an electrolyte. The development of the lithium-ion rechargeable battery contributed to the expansion of the markets of various mobile electronic devices, including cell phones, digital cameras, handy video recorders and laptop computers. Studies to develop higher-capacity, larger batteries are still ongoing through the development of materials and devices. The two researchers developed the lithium-ion battery through their material studies, producing an enormous impact on the industry and pioneering a new horizon in the field of battery research. Their achievements received high commendations in the environmental and energy materials field, which is the theme of NIMS Award 2016.

The award ceremony and award winners’ lectures will be held on the first day of NIMS WEEK 2016, which is held at the Tokyo International Forum for two days from October 20 (Thursday) to 21 (Friday).

*Correction: The text has been corrected so that the positive electrode is cathode and the negative electrode is anode.


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