Mayor of Kaohsiung City Government, The Honorable Chu Chen visits NIMS

(2017.08.25 Update)

The Honorable Chu Chen, Mayor of Kaohsiung City Government Taiwan and a former Minister of Council of Labor Affairs Executive Yuan, visited NIMS on August 8th, 2017.

The Taiwanese delegation led by The Hon. Chu Chen consisted of 22 people in total including Advisor of Kaohsiung City Government Ms. Mei-Yue He, Vice President of National Sun Yat-sen University Prof. Ying Chung Chen, and Dean of College of Engineering of National Taiwan University Prof. Wen Chang Chen.

The delegation was greeted by NIMS President Prof. Kazuhito Hashimoto after receiving an introduction to NIMS and listening to a strategy for industrial collaboration from Vice President of External Collaboration Office Dr. Yoshio Aoki.

Then they visited the International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA) to listen to an overview and strategy of MANA from Executive Advisor Dr. Masakazu Aono and observed demonstrations of NIMS’ research highlights such as Nano Sheet and Atom Switch.

Kaohsiung City Government of Taiwan is managed by the Ministries of Economy, Science and Technology, Defense and Education in each section as a special municipality. They have a vision to establish sustainable society and competitive industry through fundamental research and technical development. For this goal, they have been trying to establish a new public research institute for materials science by utilizing the land originally occupied by traditional petroleum refineries and the visit to NIMS was intended to learn about the strategy and activity of NIMS.

"Mayor of Kaohsiung City (center left) and the delegation with President Hashimoto (center right)" Image

Mayor of Kaohsiung City (center left) and the delegation with President Hashimoto (center right)