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6th NIMS-UR1-CNRS-SG Workshop was held

The “6th WORKSHOP NIMS – UR1 – CNRS – Saint Gobain on Materials and Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges of the 21st Century-” was held at ACROS Fukuoka Conference Centre on 27th and 28th October 2016 in the frame of the France-Japan Innovation Year. It brought together 45 participants.

After an introduction by the Embassy of France (S. Codina) and by representatives of NIMS (Y. Aoki) and UR1 (M. Guilloux-Viry), general topics focused on nanomaterials, solid state chemistry, theoretical chemistry, molecular chemistry, electronics, photophysical and thermoelectricity were discussed. A total of 38 presentation were presented. Three invited lectures allowed to have presentations on the latest advancements related based semiconductor oxide sensor (K. Shimanoe), the use of graphene in electronics (H. Ago) or glass ceramics in optoelectronics (P. Thomas). During the 38 scheduled communications, 4 presentations from Saint Gobain researchers allowed to have a general vision of industrial advances in nanomaterials and key applications for Saint Gobain, such as refractories, glasses or SOFC.

The workshop was an opportunity both to highlight new results, presenting the promising results of the Franco-Japanese collaboration between the UR1, CNRS, Saint Gobain and NIMS crystallized around the UMI LINK and discuss future thematic developments.

The objectives of the symposium were achieved in terms of participation and scientific exchanges. The discussions were fruitful and dynamic. The questions after the presentations were regularly extended during coffee breaks or meals. 
Following the success of the first six workshops, the University of Rennes 1 in France proposes to organize the 7th Workshop NIMS-UR1-CNRS-Saint-Gobain in spring 2018. 

The organizers and participants are grateful to NIMS, JSPS, Kyushu University, UR1, CNRS, Saint-Gobain and the Embassy of France in Japan (and its parent ministry) for their support and presence.

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