International conference aiming at having open discussions for the promotion of materials science research

This is the biggest international conference organized by NIMS since 2003. We invite world’s top level researchers and discuss a variety of issues and problems based on the latest research results from the perspective of materials research and nano-technology. NIMS has been presenting the NIMS Award to persons or groups who made distinguished achievements in research and development in the field of materials science and technology in recent years since 2007.

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Previous Conferences (Date and theme since 2007)

NIMS Conference 2015 (2015.7.14~16)(*Open in new window)
"Materials Innovation Driven by Advanced Characterization"
"A Strong Future from Soft Materials"
"Structure Control of Atomic/Molecular Thin Films and their Applications"
"Structural Materials Science and Strategy for Sustainability  - Back to the Basics -"
"Challenges of Nanomaterials Science: towards the Solution of Environment and Energy Problems"
"Nanobio- materials and Technologies: Breakthrough for Future Medicine"
"Materials Science for Highly Efficient Use of Energy and Resources"
"Recent Breakthroughs in Materials Science and Technology"

NIMS Award

NIMS Award is a prize presented by NIMS to a person or a group who had made distinguished achievements in research and development in the field of materials science and technology in recent years and the ceremony is held during the conference. From 2011, contributions to a development of NIMS previously or in the near future was included in the criteria for the selection.

The nominees are selected by the nomination working group consisted of NIMS Conference organizing committee members and NIMS researchers in the related research fields, final candidates elected by the NIMS Award committee members including external intellectuals, final decision is made after NIMS President’s approval at the end.

Previous Awardees and Achievement Titles

Harald Rose
(Senior Guest Professor of University of Ulm)
"From Micrometer to Sub-Angstroem Resolution – the Development of the Electron Microscope"
Maximilian Haider
(Honorary Professor of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Senior Advisor of CEOS)
"Instrumental Developments for High Resolution Electron Microscopy"
Knut Wolf Urban
(Julich Aachen Research Alliance Senior Professor of Peter Gruenberg Institute (PGI-5), Research Center Juelich) "Aberration-Corrected Transmission Electron Microscopy with Picometer Precision in Materials"
Krzysztof Matyjaszewski
(Professor of Carnegie Mellon University)
“Development of Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (ATRP)”
Mitsuo Sawamoto
(Professor of Kyoto University)
"Precision Polymerization and Precision Synthesis of Functional Polymers"
Hideo Hosono
(Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology)
“Development of New Functionalities Arising from Electrons in Oxide-Based Solids”
(Tata Steel Professor of Metallurgy at University of Cambridge) "Understanding Phase Transformation and Precipitation Behavior in Steel Materials at the Basic Level and the Development of New Steel Maerials on this Insight"
John Williams MORRIS Jr. (Professor at University of California, Berkeley) "Theoretically Understanding the Mechanisms behind Strength"
Subra SURESH (Director at National Science Foundation (NSF) and Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology) "Establishment of Multiscale Materials Science across Disciplines at the Macro and Nano Scale for the Study of Structural Materials and Biomaterials"
Jean Marie TARASCON (Professor at the University of Picardie Jules Verne in France) “Improvements in the capacity, life, and safety of the lithium-ion battery”
Kazunori KATAOKA (Professor at the University of Tokyo) “Development of Functional Nanodevices for Drug and Gene Delivery”
Anthony G. EVANS, David R. CLARKE and Carlos G. LEVI
(Professors at University of California, Santa Barbara) “Enhancement of the Fuel Efficiency of Advanced Aero and Power Turbines through Material Innovation”
William H. BUTLER
(Professor at Center for Materials for Information Technology (MINT), University of Alabama) “Theoretical prediction of giant tunnel magnetoresistance in Fe/MgO/Fe junction”

"Prof. Harald Rose (University of Ulm)" Image

Prof. Harald Rose (University of Ulm)

"Prof. Maximilian Haider (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)" Image

Prof. Maximilian Haider (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

"Prof. Knut Wolf Urban (Juelich Research Center)" Image

Prof. Knut Wolf Urban (Juelich Research Center)

Recipients of NIMS Award 2015

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