2017 Update

Schedules 2017.12.12 Finished

The 118th AMCP Open Seminar

Tunnelling Magnetoresistance Modulated by Molecular Orientation of Organic Barrier
Schedules 2017.12.12 Finished

The 119th AMCP Open Seminar

Giant charge-to-spin conversion in atomically-thin van der Waals heterostructures
Schedules 2017.12.11 Finished

The 115th AMCP Open Seminar

Study of machine-learning application for high-productive research activity in material science
Schedules 2017.12.05 Finished

The 116th AMCP Open Seminar

Using ESR-STM as a tool to build quantum dimers
Schedules 2017.11.24 Finished

The 113th AMCP Open Seminar

Operando XPS Observation of Electrode Surfaces During Electrochemical Reactions
Schedules 2017.11.17 Finished

The 112th AMCP Open Seminar

Elementary phenomena in hybrid graphene nanoribbons on metal surfaces
Schedules 2017.11.09 Finished

The 114th AMCP Open Seminar

Multiscale structural analysis using small scale neutron facilities
Schedules 2017.10.20 Finished

The 111th AMCP Open Seminar

Challenges of Higher Sensitivity Solid State NMR Methods as the Analytical Chemistry
Schedules from October 4th 2017(Wed.) to October 6th 2017(Fri.) Finished


MEGA Evolution of Materials
Schedules 2017.09.22 Finished

The 110th AMCP Open Seminar

Quantitative Annular Dark-Field STEM Imaging for Crystal Structure Analysis
Schedules 2017.09.06 Finished

The 106th AMCP Open Seminar

Exploring structural and electronic properties of helical molecules on surfaces
Schedules 2017.09.04 Finished

The 107th AMCP Open Seminar

Advanced neutron diffraction for functional materials
Schedules 2017.08.24 Finished

The 109th AMCP Open Seminar

Development of Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) Radiation Image Sensors and Interdisciplinary research
Schedules 2017.08.09 Finished

The 105th AMCP Open Seminar

Nano-structured device observation by synchrotron soft X-ray scanning photoelectron microscopy and development towards multidimensional analysis
Schedules August 2, 2017 Finished

The 8th MaDIS Seminar

Open Seminar Series (7)
Schedules 2017.07.27 Finished

60thGREEN & 108thAMCP Joint Open Seminar(The 108th AMCP Open Seminar)

集束イオンビーム (FIB) を活用した3次元構造解析の最前線
Schedules 2017.07.19 Finished

The 104th AMCP Open Seminar

Viscoelastic analysis of polymeric materials by AFM
Schedules 2017.07.12 Finished

The 103rd AMCP Open Seminar

High-Resolution Magnetic Force Microscope, Application to Magnetization Structure Observation
Schedules 2017.07.10 Finished

The 102nd AMCP Open Seminar

Operando characterization of internal electrical potential distribution at the cross section of cathode composite in all-solid-state Lithium-ion batteries using scanning Kelvin probe force microscopy
Schedules 2017.06.29 Finished

The 15th GREEN Symposium

Integrated Materials Research for Future Society- Electrochemical Energy Conversion as a Key Process in the Energy Flow Starting from Solar Energy -
Schedules 2017.06.29 Finished

The 101st AMCP Open Seminar

Towards hierarchical examination of materials structure: extension of small-angle scattering from nanoscopic to macroscopic structures.
Schedules 2017.05.31 Finished

The 100th AMCP Open Seminar

Application of Monte Carlo Simulation Methods in Surface Electron Spectroscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy
Schedules 2017.05.16 Finished

The 99th AMCP Open Seminar

Spin molecule -Emergent excitations and physical properties generated by frustration-
Schedules 2017.05.11 Finished

The 98th AMCP Open Seminar

"Development of coaxial atom probe based futuristic technologies for the biomaterials imaging & signal processing"
Schedules 2017.04.19 Finished

The 97th AMCP Open Seminar

Real time observation of interfacial 3D structure using X-ray diffraction
Schedules 2017.04.07 Finished

The 96th AMCP Open Seminar

GaN based bulk and nanoscale Schottky diodes: Graphene as a contact material and in-situ electrical measurements
Schedules 2017.03.21 Finished

The 95th AMCP Open Seminar

Cryogenic application of magnetic materials ~through encounter with people~
Schedules 2017.03.10 Finished

The 94th AMCP Open Seminar

Spectral imaging data analysis based on statistical machine learning
Schedules 2017.02.16 Finished

The 93rd AMCP Open Seminar

Study of Active Voltage Contrast using Helium Ion Microscope
Schedules 2017.02.02 Finished

The 92nd AMCP Open Seminar

Multimethod Analysis with Cathode Lens Electron Microscopy
Schedules 2017.01.17 Finished

The 91st AMCP Open Seminar

Hybridized polymer nanocrystals for optical materials