2019 Update

  • Schedules 2019.06.21 Finished

    The 144th AMCP Open Seminar

    Highlights from Taiwan’s cold triple axis spectrometer SIKA at ANSTO
  • Schedules 2019.05.27 Finished

    The 145th AMCP Open Seminar

    Development of Radiographic Image Processing Algorithms at CNL
  • Schedules 2019.04.12 Finished

    The 142nd AMCP Open Seminar

    Organic functionalization of silicon surfaces – dynamics, kinetics, and control
  • Schedules 2019.03.26 Finished

    The 143rd AMCP Open Seminar

    Materials Performance Research in the Hydrogen Society- Hydrogen Solution and Diffusion in the Practical Environments -
  • Schedules 2019.03.25 Finished

    The 141st AMCP Open Seminar

    Role of atomic-layer stacking to magnetocrystalline anisotropy in metal thin-films
  • Schedules 2019.03.18 Finished

    The 140th AMCP Open Seminar

    1. Probing the Solid/Gas Interface of Solid State Electrochemical Devices with X-Ray Spectroscopic Methods2. Towards Universal Liquid in-situ Electrochemistry in Photoemission Microscopy
  • Schedules 2019.02.25 Finished

    20th GREEN Symposium

    -International Symposium on Environment and Energy based on Nanomaterials Science-
  • Schedules February 1st (Fri), 2019 Finished

    JAPAN NANO 2019

    Nanotechnology, the basis for realizing super smart society (Society 5.0)
  • Schedules 2019.01.24 Finished

    The 136th AMCP Open Seminar

    1. Electron spectroscopic studies at wide-energy-range VUV-SX synchrotron beamline BL-2 MUSASHI at KEK Photon Factory2. Fabrication and properties of mixed-anion oxide epitaxial thin films
  • Schedules 2019.01.17 Finished

    The 139th AMCP Open Seminar

    Non-Visual Effects of Light on Human: Light Therapy to Elderly People with Sleep Problems