NIMS Facts: Publication, Patents, and External Funds

Since becoming an independent administrative institution, NIMS has proactively advanced by taking advantage of its characteristics as a national research institution. Achievements of NIMS are seen as tangible figures in items such as research papers, patent application and technology transfer to industy year after year.

NIMS Facts: Publication and Impact

Number of Papers and Impact Factor

The number of published papers had increased by 75% from 2001, when NIMS became an independent administrative institution, to 2006, and has remained stable since then.
The impact factor average, which is indicative of paper quality, is favorably increasing, with a current impact factor value greater than 5.

Number of Papers and Impact Factor(Complied from ESI database, Thomson Reuter, as of April 2016)

Sectoral Breakdown and Institutional Citation Ranking

The Ratio of the Field of the Paper (Based on the data provided by Thomson Reuter, as of January 2017)

About 70% of NIMS' papers in 2015 were in the category of Materials Science, Physics and Chemistry.
NIMS’ Institutional citation ranking was 9th in the world and 1st in Japan.

Institutional Citation Ranking
Materials Science -Past and Present-

Rank Institutions Citations
1 Chinese Academy of Sciences 576,644
2 Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) 393,929
3 United States Department of Energy (DOE) 391,844
4 University of California System 369,041
5 Max Planck Society 198,438
6 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 156,512
7 National University of Singapore 144,740
8 Tsinghua University 141,533
9 National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS) - Japan 130,794
10 Nanyang Technological University 127,872
(Based on the data provided by Thomson Reuter, as of October 2016)

NIMS achievements from the patent perspective

NIMS, with its watchword "Materials ought to be utilized", has acquired the patents based on its innovative and high quality basic research results and, at the same time, has been promoting to disseminate technology results into a business world. In addition, in line with an international trend of the technology, NIMS puts an emphasis on the acquisition of the patent rights abroad, too.

Promotion to disseminate the research results through the technology transfer into a business world

Patent Filing Results (FY2015)
  • Patent Filing in Japan: 121
  • Patent Filing Abroad:85
  • Registered Patents in Japan: 138
  • Registered Patents Abroad: 110

Licensing Results (FY2015)
  • Number of Licensing: 104

NIMS achievements from the technology transfer and external fund perspective

To make NIMS research results utilized in the society, NIMS puts emphasis on the technology transfer to the private companies as well as the collaborative research with them.

Collaboration with private companies and external fund

Collaboration Results (FY2015)
  • Collaborative Research (no fund): 35
  • Collaborative Research (with fund): 134
  • Technical Consultation etc.: 88