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There are two methods of employment in NIMS. One is permanent employment and another is terminable employment.
In this section, you can get the information of permanent employment such as application procede and available position.

What attracts you to NIMS

Permanent Employee Update

2022.04.22 Permanent Researcher

[Special Open Call] S21-01 Leaders Promoting World-Top-Class Research in Materials Science, Researcher (permanent position), Group Leader,

NIMS determines affiliation based on each individual’s aptitude.

National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan) is pleased to announce an international open call for the recruitment of extremely talented researchers who can promote top world-class research in Materials Science, to further strengthen the research at NIMS as a specific National Res...

2022.04.07 Permanent Researcher

【Special Open Call】 G22-01 Leaders Promoting Research in Materials Science Researcher (permanent position), Group Leader

will be affiliated to one of existing research centers in NIMS

National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan) calls for outstanding researchers to create new research groups in various fields of Materials Science. The successful candidate will receive full support for prompt start-up of research activities through preferential measures such as ...

For the information of terminable employment, please see the "Terminable Employed" page.