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2023.11.21 Update

NIMS promotes the collection and dissemination of scientific information from the viewpoint of informatics. we actively disseminate generated information not only within NIMS but also throughout Japan and overseas, and promote information distribution through cooperation with related organizations.

Building a better research network with scientific information

Our mission is to create a modern electronic infrastructure to supply institutes with information, store data, publish research results and establish scientific collaboration, while taking into account the interests of those institutes and their divisions. This includes:

  • Acquisition and digitization of scientific literature
  • Development of a web-based hub to facilitate communication between scientists and the dissemination of research results
  • Publication of the peer-reviewed journal STAM
  • Institutional repository and digital rights management

Our Project

Scientific Journal "STAM"
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials - STAM
STAM's Sister Journal "STAM Methods"
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials: Methods
NIMS Researcher Directory "SAMURAI"
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You can search NIMS researcher by name, affiliation and keyword.
NIMS Materials Data Repository "MDR"
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A data repository that hosts materials research data and publications. Discover various data and publications using metadata tailored for materials.

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