2018 Update

Schedules 2018.11.30 Finished

The 135th AMCP Open Seminar

Scanning Probe Thermoscopy and Heat Transport Physics
Schedules 2018.11.21 Finished

[Rescheduled]The 138th AMCP Open Seminar

Attosecond electron pulse: generation, characterization, and applications
Schedules 2018.11.05 Finished

The 132nd AMCP Open Seminar / The 1st NIMS International Standardization Seminar~ Co-hosted with VAMAS Japan ~

1. Role of VAMAS and NIMS in International Standardization of Advanced Materials2. On the background of international standardization of ISO/TC201 (surface chemical analysis) and ISO/TC202 (microbeam analysis)
Schedules 2018.10.31 Finished

The 137th AMCP Open Seminar

Integrated photonic devices based on metallic nanoparticles in dielectric crystals
Schedules 2018.10.29 Finished

The 133rd AMCP Open Seminar

Electrical Potential Distribution Imaging using Helium Ion Microscopy
Schedules 2018.10.01 Finished

The 131st AMCP Open Seminar

Scientific Research using OPAL, the new Australian Research Reactor
Schedules 2018.09.28 Finished

The 130th AMCP Open Seminar

Operando characterization of internal electrical potential distribution and Lithium distribution at the cross section of all-solid-state Lithium-ion batteries
Schedules 2018.09.21 Finished

The 129th AMCP Open Seminar

Structure and magneto-electric properties of new oxides
Schedules 2018.09.11 Finished

The 128th AMCP Open Seminar

An absolute measurements of AES and SE; those have been done, being performing, and not been resolved
Schedules 2018.08.30 Finished

The 126th AMCP Open Seminar

Structural analyses of local structures and functionalities by X-ray andneutron holography
Schedules 2018.07.17 Finished

The 127th AMCP Open Seminar

Spin and energy resolved imaging with Scanning Field-Emission Microscopy (SFEM)
Schedules 2018.06.29 Finished

The 18th GREEN Symposium

Recent progress in the perovskite solar cell research
Schedules 2018.06.06 Finished

The 125th AMCP Open Seminar

Neutron Scattering study on coupled multipole system
Schedules 2018.05.10 Finished

The 124th AMCP Open Seminar

In-situ experiments on low-dimensional materials inside the transmission electron microscope
Schedules 2018.04.11 Finished

The 122nd AMCP Open Seminar

Fundamental studies on the influence of defects and coadsorbates on adsorption of H2O and H2 on platinum
Schedules 2018.03.29 NEW Finished

The 123rd AMCP Open Seminar

Summary of my high resolution AFM studies in these 5 years
Schedules 2018.03.29 NEW Finished

The 121st AMCP Open Seminar

Looking back on my research activities for condensed mater physics - with high-field and quantum beam technologies -
Schedules 2018.03.08 Finished

Joint Symposium on Materials Integration and Advanced Materials Characterization

- Practical Data Repository and Fusion of Materials Characterization with Informatics -2nd Workshop on Informatics in Advanced MeasurementsAdvanced Measurement and Characterization Symposium 2018
Schedules 2018.01.11 Finished

The 117th AMCP Open Seminar

Application of Environmental TEM in Bio-science and Contrast Enhancement using Phase Plate