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The 3rd NIMS (Japan)-IMS (Vietnam) Workshop is held at NIMS

On May 20-21, 2015, the 3rd NIMS (Japan)-IMS (Vietnam) Workshop on Materials Science was held at the Namiki Site of NIMS.

This workshop was planned and organized based on the Comprehensive Collaborative Agreement between the two institutes concluded in December, 2011. The 1st and the 2nd workshop were held at IMS in Hanoi in February, 2012 and in March, 2013, respectively. 
The 3rd workshop was held at NIMS for the first time so that as many IMS researchers as possible could actually look into the research activities in NIMS.
Mutual presentations by both institutes followed by active discussions were carried out in five technical sessions of 1) Plasmonic Opto-Electronics Materials, 2) Magnetic Materials and Magnetism, 3) Corrosion, 4) Biomaterial-Coated Metals for Medical Application and 5) High Pressure Torsion Processing Techniques for Metal Composites.
Lab-tours were also carried out on May 21st afternoon and the IMS delegation visited mainly the NIMS laboratories relevant to their expertise.

"Group photo of both parties" Image

Group photo of both parties

IMS is a national laboratory in Vietnam dedicated to materials sciences, its status and positioning are the same as those of NIMS.
Further academic collaboration between the two institutes in broader research fields is expected.