2013 Update


World's First Success in Making a Graphene Product with 3D Strutted Structure

Development of "Chemical Blowing Method," Inspired by the Blown-Sugar Art

In Situ Band-gap Tuning of Graphene Oxide

Open a Door to Developing High-Performance Nanoscale Devices Using New Carbon Materials

Carbon dioxide "breathing phenomenon" found in clay minerals

Expectations for application to efficient carbon dioxide separation membranes, etc.

Success in Fabrication of Three-dimensional Structure of Single-Element Quasicrystal

Expected to Contribute to Progress in Elucidating Stability of Quasicrystals and Finding New Properties Unique to Quasiperiodic Structure

Orientation-controlled crystalline thin film of perovskite oxide successfully grown on a glass substrate

Use of two-dimensional nanosheets enables high-quality thin film orientation control that requires no single crystal substrate

Development of High-Performance Oil Absorbent for Resources Development

Discovery of a New Method for Creating mesoporous Materials from Industrial Polymers

Success in Developing an Oxide Semiconductor with a New Elemental Composition Having the Property of Stability

Oxide Film with New Elemental Composition that Enables Stable Production of High-definition Flat Panels

World’s First Success in In Situ Tracking of Electrochemical Reactions at Solid/Liquid Interfaces by Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Expectation for Contribution to High-Performance Materials Design for Fuel Cells and Rechargeable Batteries

Controlling the Size and Helicity of an Electron Magnetic vortex “Skyrmion”

Toward a Power-Saving Memory Device Using Skyrmions as Recoding Bits

Success in Elucidating Reduction Reaction Mechanisms of Lithium-Ion Battery Electrolytes, Using the K Computer

Leading the way in Computational Materials Design for Lithium-Ion Battery with Higher Performance and Better Safety

Success in Development of Novel Chirality Sensing Technique Enabling Easy Determination of Optical Purity

High Potential as a Simple Technique for Ensuring Safety in Synthesis of Pharmaceuticals

Elucidation of Spin State of Conduction Electrons in Graphene

Opens the Way to Research on Spin Properties and Device Applications of Graphene and Other 2-Dimensional Materials

Clarification of Dynamical Process of Aluminum Surface Oxidation

Solving a 20 Year Riddle of the Reaction Mechanism

Smart Anticancer "Nanofiber Mesh"

Success in Inducing Natural Death of Epithelial Cancer Cells by Simultaneously Realizing Thermotherapy and Chemotherapy

NIMS Conference 2013 and Announcement of NIMS Award 2013

Ceremony to present NIMS Award and an award-winning lecture to be held at NIMS Conference

Novel Synthesis Technique for High Efficiency Conversion of Source Gas to Diamond

World's Highest Carbon (12C) Isotopic Ratio in Diamond Bulk Crystal

Development of Coating Method that Accelerates Bonding with Bone by 3 Times

Aiming at Reducing the Burden of Orthodontic Subperiosteal Devices on Dental Patients

2D Organic Materials: World’s First Synthesis of Thiophene Nanosheets with 3.5nm Thickness

Promising Organic Electronics Thin Film Materials with Simple and Low Cost Manufacturing Process

Discovery of New Gigantic Swelling Phenomenon of Layered Crystal Driven by Water

Potential to Open the Road to Elucidation of the Behavior of Water in Nanosheet Manufacturing Technology and Biological Phenomena

Success in Observation of Swelling of Single-Particle of Silicon Electrode for Lithium Ion Batteries during Charging Reaction

Reconsideration of Electrode Design of New Negative Electrode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries

Novel Drug Delivery System Releases Drugs in Response to Compression by the Patient’s Hand

Towards a Future-type Drug Administration Method Not Requiring Electricity, Water, or Special Devices

First Success in Real Time Observation of Process of Solubilization of CNT by Polymer

Major Contribution to a Key Technology for Practical Application of Carbon Nanotubes

Development of High Sensitivity Detection Method for Diluted Ionic Mercury in Water

Enabling High Accuracy Monitoring and Early Discovery of Mercury Contamination in Lacustrine Environments

Discovery of Increase in Magnetic Moment at Grain Boundaries

Clue to New Design Technique for Development of Future Magnetic Materials

Success in Theoretical Design of Photocatalyst Enabling Mass Production of Hydrogen

Expected to Accelerate Technologies for Producing Hydrogen from Water using Solar Light

Success in Fabrication of One-Dimensional Organic Molecule Chain

Opens the Way to Realization of High Efficiency Organic Molecular Devices