2014 Update


Structurally Reinforced Hydrogel Material Developed Using Electrostatic Repulsive Force between Nanosheets

The new material withstands vertical loads applied in the direction perpendicular to its layers while distorting in the horizontal direction. It is promising as a vibration-damping material

Discovery of Josephson Junctions Generated in Atomic-Layered Superconductors

The finding may pave the way to create atomic-scale superconducting elements

World’s First Time-controlled Molecular Self-Organization

Development of new material capable of autonomous molecular organization in accordance with preprogramming

First Observation of Electronic Structure in Ag-Rh Alloy Nanoparticles Having Hydrogen Absorbing/Storage Property

–Attempting to solve the mystery of why Ag-Rh alloy nanoparticles have a similar property to Pd–

Succeeded in Fabricating Many Single-Photon Sources in Solid Matter that Emit Identical Photons

A breakthrough achieved in quantum information processing using state-of-the-art diamond growth technology

Basic Properties of Widely Used Piezoelectrics Successfully Measured

60-year-old problem solved, opening the way to develop new lead-free piezoelectrics

Precision Control of the Timing, Structure and Functions in Molecular Self-Assembly

New technology for the materials production method essential to the organic electronics field

Success in Intracellular Imaging of Cesium Distribution in Plants Used for Cesium Absorption

Anticipated for applications in the development of "superplants" for radiocesium decontamination

NIMS Conference 2014 and Announcement of NIMS Award 2014 :

To praise the achievement in establishing a precision polymerization method, which is an innovative polymer manufacturing method that overwhelmed the polymer industry

Success in Forming Organic Thin-Film Transistors Through Room-Temperature Printing

Establishing Room-Temperature-Printed Electronics Without Raising the Temperature by Even 1°C

Intermixing Molecules are Key to Energy Conversion Efficiency in Solar Cells

Nanostructure of organic solar cell materials revealed

Detection of Spin-Resolved Electronic States from a Buried Ferromagnetic Layer

The evaluation of spintronics devices and the engineering of new spintronics materials are expected.

Novel Gold-based Superconductor SrAuSi3 Discovered

Development of superconducting materials that have broken spatial inversion symmetry

World's First Success in Visualization of Coenzyme Broadly Related to Vital Activities and Diseases

A great advantage in diagnosing cancer and liver dysfunction and in elucidating the mechanisms of neurological disorders

Identifying Complex Growth Process of Strontium Titanate Thin Films

First successful atomic-level observation using a state-of-the-art microscope

Development of High-performance Fiber as an Alternative to Dialysis during Disasters

Opening a path to development of a portable dialysis system for emergency treatment of chronic kidney failure

Development of High-performance Dielectric Devices by Assembling Nano Blocks

Self-organization of oxide nanosheets through the solution process

New Synthesis Method of Materials for Organic Thin-Film Solar Cells Developed

Improvement of Power Conversion Efficiency through Purification

Success in Generating Skyrmion Molecules and Driving Them under Low Current Density

Magnetic materials that enhance the magnetotransport property and for the high-density/low-power consumption magnetic memory

Nanotechnology Brings Greater Photocatalyst Efficiency

Expected to expand the application of photocatalysts

World’s First Success in Controlling the ‘Length’ of Supramolecular Polymers through Self-Organization

A great step forward toward the development of a new synthetic method that leads to unprecedented materials in polymer science and nanotechnology