2009 Update


Innovative High Performance Cell Phone Recycling Technology

Development of a Small- Scale, Simple “Urban Ore” Recycling System Suitable for Decentralized Treatment of Used Electronic Devices

Discovery of Environment-friendly High Performance Lead-free Piezoelectric Material

Surpassing Lead-containing PZT, the King of Piezoelectric Materials

Dramatic Improvement in Hardness and Smoothness of Superhard Coating

Technical Innovation in Wear-resistant Coating for Industrial Use

Success in Development of Garnet-type Single Crystal for Use in Optical Isolators

Application to High Output, Wideband Laser Light Sources

Success in Development of 1800 MPa Class Ultra-High Strength Bolt

Realizing Excellent Fracture Resistance in an Ultra-High Strength Product

Drastic Improvement in Energy Resolution in EDS Analysis by Transmission Electron Microscope

Realizing Ultra-high Accurate Analysis of Nanostructures by Newly Developed Spectrometer

Success in Trial Manufacture of Far-UV Surface Plane Emitting Device based on h-BN

Palm-sized Mercury-free FED (field emitter display) type Far-UV LED (wavelength: 225 nm)

Realization of Coupled Quantum Dot Device Using Carbon Atom Single Layer Sheet!

Opening the Way to Development of Integrated Nano Quantum Devices Using New Carbon Material

Success in Visualization of Calcium Atoms

Development of New Type of Electron Microscope Enabling Analysis of Single Molecules/Atoms

Promoting the Formation of “Tsukuba Innovation Arena [TIA] nano

Cooperation by AIST, NIMS, the University of Tsukuba, and Industry to Create a World-Class R&D Center

Success in 3-Dimensional Atomic Tomography of Ceramics

Innovation in 3-Dimensional Atom Probe using Ultra-violet (UV) laser pulses

GE and Japan’s National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) Sign MOU to Strengthen Technological Ties

Partnership with Japan’s Independent Administrative Institution deepens GE’s innovation connection with Japan

Ultrafast Permeation of Organic Molecules Realized Using Porous Nanosheet

Permeation Rate of Water Increased by 1000 Times through Development of Nano Thin Film

Success in Development of Full Color Filter using Surface Plasmons

Success in Development of Full Color Filter using Surface Plasmons

Elucidation of the Mechanism of Molecular Jet in Liquid

Success in Time-Resolved Photography of a Molecular Jet in Liquid

SOZAI (Basic Industrial Materials) – A Source of Vitality for Japan

An Analysis from International Material Flows in Recent Years