Realization of field-emission point electron source suitable for industrial application

Using microfab techniques fitting for production, we have developed a LaB6 nanoneedle cold field-emission electron source with unprecedented stability of 1% fluctuation in 100 hours of continuous operation. A sub-Å resolution was achieved when mounted on an electron microscope, showing performance surpassing contemporary electron sources. Benefiting from this technological breakthrough, a new generation of electron microscopes is expected. This achievement is based on collaboration with JEOL, UNC and NIMS(Tang Shuai, Tang Jie, Uzuhashi Jun, Ohkubo Tadakatsu, Takeguchi Masaki)

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Article Information

Title A Stable LaB6 Nanoneedle Field-Emission Electron Source for Atomic Resolution Imaging with a Transmission Electron Microscope
Journal Materials Today
Date July 5, 2022 JST
DOI 10.1016/j.mattod.2022.06.003