【Special Open Call】
G24-02 Leaders Conducting Research in Materials Science /
Researcher (permanent position) / Female candidates only / Group Leader / A few positions are available

Permanent: will be affiliated to one of existing research centers in NIMS

Field or Position 【Special Open Call】
G24-02 Leaders Conducting Research in Materials Science /
Researcher (permanent position) / Female candidates only / Group Leader / (Permanent)
Number of People A few positions are available
Affiliation will be affiliated to one of existing research centers in NIMS 
Research Summary NIMS calls for international applications for female researchers (group leaders) to lead research groups in order to promote women’s active participation and advancement. The successful candidate will receive support for prompt start-up of research activities through preferential measures such as (1) allocation of start-up funds of 30 million yen, (2) assignment of one researcher (permanent position) to the group, and (3) priority allocation of laboratory space.

Researchers with strong research accomplishments in all fields in materials science, both basic and applied, are eligible to apply. For reference, the research areas that NIMS wishes to strengthen in the future are (1) quantum materials, (2) hydrogen-related materials, (3) battery materials, (4) artificial intelligence materials, (5) data science, (6) metal and inorganic materials, (7) organic and polymer materials, (8) biotechnology-related materials, (9) computational materials science, and (10) advanced materials analysis technology. Highly esteemed researchers in any of these fields, and who are willing to further develop these achievements at NIMS are welcome to apply.

The successful candidates are expected to go beyond basic research considering future applications. We also welcome applicants from overseas and those with corporate experience.
Employee Incentives
  1. 30 million yen will be allocated as start-up funds, in addition to the operating subsidy project research funds.
  2. Laboratory space will be allocated on a priority basis.
  3. To launch a new group, the quota of one researcher (permanent position) will be provided.
  4. Graduate students can be admitted as faculty members* of the NIMS Joint Graduate School Program. (*Additional application to the program is required after the employment.)
  5. Remuneration will be determined at the discretion of the President, depending on performance, experience, etc. in accordance with the Salary Regulations for Permanent Employees.
  6. Permanent position. The retirement age will be 65 years old after April 2031. Group leaders may maintain its research groups until age 65, depending on the result of reappointment review. Fellows* can maintain their research groups until age 70. (*Additional screening will be required.)
  7. Dual career partner support : If a candidate who has successfully passed this screening process is to take up a position at NIMS and wishes to have her partner work at NIMS, we will consider hiring the partner. Please consult us.
  8. Support for Employees Taking Care of Children or Family Members: Up to 1 million yen a year will be granted to cover costs of employing technical/administrative staff or dispatched employees. In addition, NIMS provides the various systems such as subsidy program for use of private daycare facilities, working, vacation and leave system for childcare and nursing care. Please contact us if you wish to use these systems.
* 1, 2, 5 and 7 will not apply to those hired from within NIMS.
  1. Outstanding research achievements.
  2. Management skills to run the research group.
  3. Ability to communicate in English.
  4. PhD. recipient.
  5. To narrow the gender gap in researchers at NIMS, only female candidates may apply.
*In accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of the Equal Employment Opportunity Law, this is an open call for female candidates only, as a measure to proactively improve the ratio of female researchers at NIMS.

No person falling under any of the following items may be eligible for the application:
  1. a person who has been sentenced to imprisonment or a more severe punishment, and of whom the execution of the sentence has not been completed or who has not yet ceased to be amenable to the execution of the sentence;
  2. a person who was dismissed by a disciplinary action and for whom period of two years has not expired since the day of that disposition;
  3. a person who, on or after the date of the enforcement of the Constitution of Japan, formed or belonged to a political party or other organization which advocated the overthrow by force of the Constitution of Japan or the government established thereunder.
Starting Date negotiable
Term Retirement age: 61 (as of FY2023~2024)
* Following the national government employees, the retirement age will be raised by one year every two years in stages starting in April 2023, and will be 65 years old after April 2031. (For those born on or after April 2, 1967, the retirement age will be 65.)
* In case an employee retires before the age of 65, he/she can use the reemployment system to be rehired until the age of 65 if he/she so desires.
Work Place Tsukuba
Work Hours The discretionary labor system for professional work will be applied. It is deemed appropriate for candidates to work 8 hours and 15 minutes per day.
Teleworking program available.
Holiday Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays (December 29 to January 3), annual paid leave, summer holidays, maternity leave, special leave for marriages and funerals, and other types of leave as specified in the Working Regulations for Permanent Employees.
Salary / Supply

Salaries will be determined based on ability, experience, performance, etc. Either a monthly or an annual salary system will be applied.
There will be a salary increase once a year (July) and a bonus twice a year (June, December).
Various allowances (e.g., dependent care allowance, commuting allowance, and housing allowance) specified in the Salary Regulations for Permanent Employees will be paid according to stipulated conditions.
A retirement allowance is also available.

* In the case of the annual salary system, the salary consists of the main salary and the performance salary. The main salary is subject to regular salary increases (once a year (July)), and the performance salary varies according to the annual performance evaluation. The retirement allowance is included in the annual salary.

Medical benefits and pension plans are provided if the candidate joins the National Public Service Personnel Mutual Aid Association. Workmen's accident compensation and unemployment insurance schemes are also available.

* Exemption from repayment of scholarship loan from the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

Employer President, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
Gender Equality We believe that the fulfillment of the overall work and family life of each employee, who has diverse values and lifestyles, will lead to the revitalization of NIMS, and we are working to create a workplace where both men and women can work comfortably.
Details are on the following website:
Rules on Smoking Smoking is not allowed on the premises except in designated smoking areas.
How to Apply

Submit an entry sheet and CV (free format) along with the list of publications through the e-mail address provided below. The entry sheet form can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.
Please match the applicant's publications with the data in Scopus or Web of Science so that the NIMS recruitment office can verify it.

* Only those who pass the document screening will be called for the subsequent screening prosess by us (Human Resources Development Group, NIMS). Please return the application forms by the specified date and time.
* The information provided for application will be used only for the employment selection and as the analytical data for verification of the recruitment process, and will not be used for any other purpose. We appropriately manage the personal information under the NIMS Regulations for Protection of Personal Information.

Delivery Address E-mail address for Entry Sheet Submission: appliform=nims.go.jp (Please change "=" to "@")
* The application is acceptable only via e-mail.
Deadline Applications will be accepted as long as this call is posted on the NIMS official website (this page).
How to Judge Applications will be reviewed as soon as they are received.
1. Documents will be screened through entry sheet.
2. First and second screening. (Web or in-person interviews. Interviews with non-native Japanese speakers will be conducted in English.)
* Those who pass the first screening will be asked to submit a research plan (in the prescribed format), which will be reviewed in the second screening.
* The results of the selection process will be communicated, regardless of whether an applicant was successful or not.
* Individual inquiries regarding the selection process and results will not be entertained.
Contact to
Human Resources Development Office [G24-02]
For more information, please contact us.
Human Resources Development Office, NIMS
E-Mail: nims-recruit=nims.go.jp(Please change "=" to "@")