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NIMS employs outstanding scientists from various countries


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Acceptance status of the recommendation letter

Using your Applicant ID, you can check the acceptance status of the recommendation letter from two references. Please see attached PDF file.

Recruiting information of permanent employed researcher

Hiring Policy

  • NIMS employs outstanding scientists from various countries who have abundant knowledge and strong research skills in materials science.
  • We will welcome the application from female researchers, non-Japanese researchers and researchers who have careers in private companies.

Conditions for Employment

  • As a general rule the position is permanent(Retirement age 60). However, the applicants may be accepted as five-year or less fixed term employees if the reviewers judge that final decision should be made after watching the performance of the applicants on the job. If this is the case, they can be reviewed for transfer to permanent researchers after a certain period of time.
  • Even under such fixed term employment, working conditions including annual income shall comply with the treatment of permanent employee. For instance, they are covered under the national public service personal mutual aid system. They can get an exemption from repayments of scholarship loan by JASSO (only for scholarships for graduate programs (category 1) received by March 31, 2004). They also can apply Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research by JSPS(*Open in new window). Workmen's accident compensation and employment insurance are available.

Policy of Recruitment and Screening

  • Employment information is being announced worldwide through our website and advertisement on prestigious academic journals.
  • Candidates are selected through an impartial, multi-faceted examination process, which includes a review of the application documents and an interview.

Employment Data

Salaries (estimate in FY2019)

  • Immediately after receiving a Ph.D. degree: 6.27 million Yen (estimate)
  • Five years after receiving a Ph.D. degree: 6.7 million Yen (estimate)
  • Ten years after receiving a Ph.D. degree: 8.07 million Yen (estimate)

The above data are based on an annual salary scheme that consists of basic salary, achievement allowance and other benefits, such as the ablitiy allowance, the terminal allowance, the diligenece allowance and the retirement allowance.
The above data are just for reference.

Hiring to date (As of April 1, 2020)

  • FY2019: 15
  • FY2018: 16
  • FY2017: 14
  • FY2016: 16
  • FY2015: 15
  • FY2014: 15
  • FY2013: 14
  • FY2012: 12
  • FY2011: 9
  • FY2010: 7


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