Basic and applied research on magnetic and spintronic materials for creating a sustainable society.

2023.04.01 Update
Magnetic materials and spintronic devices, such as permanent magnets for motors and electric vehicles and recording media and magnetoresistance devices in the field of ICT, contribute to create a sustainable society. 
The Research Center for Magnetic and Spintronic Materials (CMSM) carries out various research on magnetic and spintronic materials, including basic studies and new methodologies. Also, recent topics include spin-caloritronics and optomagnetism. Based on the above-mentioned research, we will contribute to development of green magnetic materials such as high-performance permanent magnets and magnetocaloric materials and new materials/devices for digital innovation such as next-generation data storage, magnetic sensor and magnetic random access memory (MRAM) materials.


MEXT Minister Dr. Masahito Moriyama with NIMS President Dr. Hono
2024.01.25 Update #News
2023.11.30 Update #Press Release

Thermoelectric Permanent Magnet Opens New Possibilities in Thermal Management Technologies

—Magnetically Enhanced Transverse Thermoelectric Conversion—

2023.11.22 Update #Press Release

Controlling Thermoelectric Conversion in Magnetic Materials by Magnetization Direction

—First Direct Observation of Anisotropic Magneto-Thomson Effect—

Research Groups

Magnetic Functional Device Group

Development of materials and devices that contribute to the realization of next-generation magnetic storage technology, magnetic sensors, and heat flow sensors.

Magnetic Recording Materials Group

Fundamental research on magnetic recording with high areal density beyond 4 Tbit/in2.

Spintronics Group

Studying and developing new magnetic materials and spin-based functionalities.

Spin Physics Group

To develop novel Spintronic devices.

Spin Caloritronics Group

Pioneering new functionalities and principles of thermal energy conversion, control, and transfer using the spin degree of freedom, and creating energy materials for next-generation thermal management technologies.

Nanostructure Analysis Group

Multiscale characterization of functional materials using FIB/SEM, (S)TEM, and 3DAP techniques.

Spin Theory Group

Theoretical study for energy-sufficient magnetic and spintronic materials.

Green Magnetic Materials Group

Development of bulk magnetic materials with three major research focus on permanent magnets, soft magnets, and magnetocaloric materials.

Digital Transformation Initiative Center for Magnetic Materials (DXMag)

Creating Innovative Magnetic Materials Using Data Science Technics