2024.02.28 Update #Press Release

Successful Cultivation of Stem Cells on the Surface of Ionic Liquids

—Towards a Significant Improvement in the Cultivation Efficiency of Cellular Resources Contributing to Regenerative Medicine—

2024.01.15 Update #Press Release

2023.11.08 Update #Press Release

Moisture-Resistant Hairstyling Agent

—Development of a Humidity-Induced Shape Memory Polymeric Material—

2023.06.14 Update #Press Release

Recyclable Photoreactive Adhesive

—Glue May Offer an Effective Means of Adhesion Underwater—

2023.04.28 Update #Press Release

Development of an AI-Based Mass Spectrometric Technique Capable of Determining the Monomeric Sequence of a Polymer

—Potentially Effective Tool in the Development, Recycling and Assessment of the Degradation of Materials—

2023.04.19 Update #Press Release

Extending the Life of a Lithium Metal Anode Using a Protective Layer Made of an Extremely Tough Gel Electrolyte

—Anode Protection May Significantly Increase Lithium Secondary Battery Energy Density—